D-Tools’ New Cloud Offering Gives Users a Simple, Scalable, Web-Based Solution

D-Tools’ next-generation multi-OS, web-based platform offers an easy-to-use and collaborative workflow experience from sales pipeline and opportunity management through system design and product procurement.

D-Tools’ New Cloud Offering Gives Users a Simple, Scalable, Web-Based Solution

Available now, D-Tools Cloud is an affordable, multi-OS, web-accessible platform that enables internal and external teams to work more efficiently and effectively together, while facilitating a more productive business model for today’s system integrators. This new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application is a scalable, simple-to-adopt, web-based solution that intuitively guides users from managing sales prospects, through quoting, system design, and procurement. 

D-Tools Cloud provides a new, intuitive way to work with features including sales pipeline and opportunity management, in-app collaboration, workflow management and guidance, critical business analytics, and interactive multimedia proposals accessible from any web-enabled Mac, PC or tablet.

Modern, Intuitive User Experience

D-Tools Cloud has a fresh, modern, easy-to-navigate user interface that makes it easy to get started quickly and work effortlessly – whether you are on a Mac, PC or tablet.

Set-up and Go

Set-up is a breeze. Designed to get users onboard and working in minutes, users simply answer a few basic questions about their business and D-Tools Cloud will configure their account, catalogs, templates, and base systems, so they can start building accurate quotes through an intuitive process that kick starts productivity and reduces time to sale.

Take Control of the Sales Process with CRM

Featuring a simple, elegant, and intuitive UI, D-Tools Cloud’s CRM helps users manage sales opportunities, track pipeline, and quickly respond to customer demands. D-Tools Cloud efficiently guides users through the sales process with a clear view of what needs to happen next. This intuitive and responsive workflow tool helps users make the right choices and ensures that everyone stays on the same page.

Next Level Quoting – Don’t Just Present, Engage

D-Tools Cloud makes it easy to create fast, professional quote presentations that get firms noticed. Stunning multimedia presentations engage clients by effectively communicating the project scope and vision to help increase win-rates. The ability to produce accurate, live project overview presentations and present them in a collaborative manner, while at the same time keeping an eye on profitability, is unique and powerful.

Collaboration by Design

D-Tools Cloud is built for collaboration – on opportunities, quotes, and system design. Built-in workflows get the right people involved at the right time. D-Tools new browser-based design capabilities take system design to the next level. Quickly and elegantly add products to floorplans, or even on photos, to enable impactful visualizations that enhance client communication and validate system designs. In addition, D-Tools Clouds’ multi-tenant architecture allows system integrators to engage multiple team members in a system design, and even invite vendors and industry design partners (i.e., architects, interiors designers, consultants), to communicate and participate in the design process – ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

Make Better Decisions with Business Intelligence

D-Tools Cloud provides powerful analytics through visual dashboards that help users gain valuable insights and influence better business decisions. D-Tools Cloud dashboards make it easy to track sales pipeline, analyze business performance, and respond quickly to ever-changing market conditions, enabling users to keep their eyes on the workload ahead to strategically plot their next move.

In-App Guidance Every Step of the Way

D-Tools Cloud includes tools to help users get started quickly and see instantaneous results. In-app guidance through visual cues, in-app chat, and suggested best practices, as well as access to D-Tools support professionals, create an intuitive, easy-to-master workflow experience.

For additional information and pricing on D-Tools Cloud, and to sign up for a free 30-day trial, visit www.d-tools.com/cloud.