7 NEW Networking Classes You Should Know About

The evolution of technology has IP-based security here to stay.

7 NEW Networking Classes You Should Know About

To keep your staff well educated and versed on networking, ESA’s National Training School has added 7 new networking classes to its lineup. Networking 101 – 106, starts with the basics and progresses into more advanced instruction on protocols, data transmission, hardware, administration of networks, troubleshooting and more.

Residential Networking Basics: Designed to provide basic level knowledge of working with IPs, understanding routers, network types, and general troubleshooting.

Networking 101 — Basics: Provides students with various ways a network can be constructed and, in general terms, how data is sent from one point to another.

Networking 102 — Protocols: This course provides students with various protocols you are likely to encounter when installing and maintaining security and life safety systems on a network.

Networking 103 — Data Transmission: This CEU course provides students with various mediums that’s a network may use to transmit data.

Networking 104 — Hardware: Provides students with the most commonly used networking hardware found in a business environment while also demonstrating how hardware interacts with and communicates through other devices like hubs, routers and switches is important.

Networking 105 — Administration of Networks: This course equips students with information on the important role administrators play in maintaining a network, as well as security concerns, sources of threats to a network and security measures employed to protect the network.

Networking 106 — Basic Network Troubleshooting: This online course provides students with the basic tools that should be available when troubleshooting, as well as, general techniques that can be used to effectively troubleshoot a system.