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KEF: 54yr old British loudspeaker manufacturer, engineering flagship ultimate high end loudspeakers & THX-certified in-wall and in-ceiling speakers for custom home theaters. Just like an exceptional concierge offers more services than just directions & dinner reservations, KEF is more than just a product supplier – We are here to help support all aspects of your business. Frankly put, KEF helps you get paid and helps you obtain more referrals.

Visit KEF at CEDIA booth #2112.

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About KEF

10 Timber Lane
Marlboro, New Jersey
United States of America
P: 732-683-2356

Product & Solution Videos

KEF Goes from Concept to Reality with Blade Two Speakers
KEF combines audio and industrial engineering prowess to produce a modern speaker that 'disappears' into a room.

In the News

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Addressing high-performance, built-in installations, KEF's Ci Series line includes its Ci200RR in-ceiling speaker and Ci4100QL, Ci3160RL and Ci5160RL in-wall loudspeakers.


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