Nest™ Camera Live Feed Now Available on Hopper!


A recent software update enables Hopper® 2 and Hopper® 3 Receivers to not only get live alerts from their Nest™ Hello Doorbell, but also see a live camera stream when connected to Nest™ Cameras!

Subscribers with Hopper 2 and Hopper 3 Receivers, and their associated Joeys®, can see a live stream of their Nest™ cameras through the new Nest™ app, available in the Apps menu. To get the most out of this functionality, Receivers need to be IP connected and successfully paired with Nest™ devices to get notifications and see live streams. Notification settings are configurable on a per-Receiver basis in the Nest™ app settings screen and will display the camera’s name, time of event, alert, and a static image of the event. 

Pairing Instructions:

  • Users must first get an activation code from their Receiver by navigating to Menu > Apps > Google Nest, or App Mini Launch Bar > Google Nest.
  • After launching the Google Nest app, users will see instructions on how to begin the pairing process.
  • Select Get Code.
  • To pair, go to and enter the activation code. 
  • Next, login by entering Google Nest credentials (or pick an account that is already signed in on a browser).
  • Select the Nest devices on the screen and pair them. 
  • After pairing, the user can manage or disconnect devices from the same screen.
  • Then, press Done and grant permission and confirm choices from resource picker
  • Lastly, users will receive a confirmation the device(s) have been paired.