Simply Reliable Rolls E-Commerce Engine for Clients into SmartOffice Software for Integrators

Simply Reliable, a leading design, proposal and project management system for technology integrators, now offers an e-commerce engine for clients to pay for projects.


Simply Reliable, provider of cloud-based business process management, has added an e-commerce engine into its SmartOffice software for integrators. The service allows clients to accept proposals and pay invoices automatically.

Designers and salespeople create their digital proposals in SmartOffice, providing a link to prospective customers to review the project. The prospect can then click to accept and pay automatically via the new ePayment system.

“Digital proposals, ePayments and our new client gateway provide an online experience for the Integrator, their prospects and clients unlike anything our industry has experienced previously,” says Tom Coffin, president and CEO of Simply Reliable. “It is a whole new way to interact with the prospect. Not only do digital proposals provide beautiful graphics and a modern way to view, present and accept proposals, as well as add personalized videos as part of the proposal presentation, but it makes it faster and easier than ever to get paid.”

SmartOffice is sold in Editions starting at $40 per month. A free 30-day trial is available for integrators to try out. Visit  for more information.