Why RTI Stands for ‘Resimercial Technology Integration’

RTI’s Integration Designer APEX open platform allows specific customization for control of both residential and commercial applications.

RTI has been supporting integrators with light commercial and other ‘resimercial’ solutions for years — it’s in our DNA. The same platform that delivers advanced personalization for homeowners enables advanced customization for commercial projects—from boardrooms to sports bars to houses of worship.

We find that light commercial/resimercial applications have a greater need for customization than a typical smart home, and that the interface must require little or no training. This is where RTI shines. Integrators can incorporate and automate virtually any device into an RTI control system and completely customize the control interface.

Our Integration Designer APEX is an open platform with an SDK allowing integrators to develop highly specific applications controlling system components we don’t already have in our database, adding vital flexibility. RTI touchpanels enable both table and wall-mount control, including all-in-one options with a built-in processor, adding convenience and economy to automate huddle rooms and secondary locations. Our virtual panel gives IT departments remote control using a dashboard GUI on a PC, important in office settings.

AV distribution is essential in resimercial projects, and again RTI elevates the experience. We work with the most popular DSPs, and our new Video over IP system gives drag-and-drop control of sources and monitors managed natively within the RTI interface, saving staff time and effort.

The last year shined a spotlight on the home office, where work demands competing with family media consumption dictate the need for a customized enterprise-grade resimercial solution — a solution like RTI. We’d love to show you how.

Jim Koenig is national sales director for RTI.