Value Minded Imagine X Products Bolster PSB Speakers

Designed to provide homeowners value and sound quality, the newly announced Imagine X2T, X1T, XB and XC speakers can be used for traditional two-channel systems and multichannel audio systems.


Canada’s PSB Speakers throughout its history has always operated with the ethos to deliver to consumers a combination of value and performance. Arguably nothing symbolizes the company’s unwritten mission statement more than its newly announced Imagine X speaker products.

Expanding the reach of its Imagine speaker line, the cost friendly Imagine X products can be used for everything from computer-based two channel systems to full multichannel surround sound systems. PSB founder and chief design Paul Barton says the newly announced speakers represents the company’s 40-plus years experience of balancing quality and cost friendliness.

“With the Imagine X our mandate was simple: To produce the best performing speakers with the most value in the market for real people who want real sound,” states Barton. “To achieve performance and value together, one must begin with performance. In the Imagine X speakers, the objective is never less than doing music justice; these are speakers that eschew any fads in favor of timeless design. Imagine X represents the culmination of PSB design expertise and the refinement of our traditional virtues. These are speakers designed to give the listener complete enjoyment and satisfaction for years to come.”

Highlighting a few of the technical aspects of the speakers, the Imagine X utilizes custom-designed Titanium-dome tweeters with Ferrofluid cooling and Neodymium magnet structures and clay/ceramic reinforced-injection molded polypropylene midrange and bass drivers. The products also include five-way, gold-plated binding posts that feature bi-wire/bi-amp options and simulated black-ash finishes.

  • Imagine X2T floorstanding speaker:Borrowing design elements from the company’s T2 loudspeaker the X2T features a three-way, dual-chamber design that includes a 1-inch Titanium-dome tweeter, a 5.25-inch midrange driver and two 6.5-inch woofers.
  • Imagine X1T floorstanding speaker: The small footprint and room friendly X1T incorporates 1-inch Titanium-dome tweeter and two 5.25-inch midrange drivers.
  • Imagine XB monitor: Designed for placement flexibility, the XB monitor utilizes the PSB 1-inch Titanium-dome tweeter and a single 5.25-inch clay/ceramic reinforced-injection molded polypropylene midrange driver.
  • Imagine XC center-channel speaker: Addressing home theater applications, the XC center-channel speaker features a pair of the 5.25-inch midrange drivers flanking a single 1-inch tweeter.

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