Trinnov Audio Amplitude Amp Delivers 300 Watts Per Channel

Using class D technologies, Trinnov Audio’s new Amplitude amplifier is rated to produce 300 watts into 4 ohms.


Trinnov Audio has established itself as a company that designs and delivers high-performance home theater preamplifers/processors. 

Supporting its selection of home theater preamplifiers/processors, the French audio company has just introduced its Amplitude amplifier. The Amplitude 8m is a home theater amplifier that utilizes the Hypex N-Core500 Class D output module, along with proprietary Trinnov technologies that include microprocessors that control the amp's turn-on delay, and automatic AC power recognition and configuration systems. 

The eight-channel amplifier is rated to produce up to 300 watts into a 4-ohm impedance load, and 200 watts into an 8-ohm impedance load. 

Trinnov Audio Amplitude Amp Delivers Clean Sound

Through its dual four-channel design that features dual power supplies and dual independent inlets, the Amplitude eight-channel amplifier delivers a signal-to-noise ratio of greater than 120dB when referenced at full power. Trinnov Audio says the Amplitude amp's intermodulation distortion is less than 0.05 percent, and its rated frequency response is 5Hz to 20kHz +/-5dB. 

Some of the other features built into the American-made, eight-channel amplifier include a new “sleep circuit.” Trinnov points out the sleep circuit removes power from the output modules if the amplifier sits idle for periods longer than 10 minutes. Once the sleep circuit is engaged a front-panel LED will flash, and as soon as an input signal is detected on any of the amplifier's channels, it will resume normal playback operation instantly. 

Trinnov Audio adds the Amplitude amplifier also utilizes a high-efficiency, quite air-cooled convention design to keep the amp running cool during demanding usage scenarios.

MSRP for the Amplitude 8m amplifier is $7,500. Learn more on the Trinnov Audio website.

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