The Art of Music in Its Highest Form

Enjoy an audiophile music player without giving up the features and functionality that make it true whole-house entertainment.

There have been articles and studies including measurements and testing comparing digital music file formats and their benefits to the music enthusiast at home. From a professional audio standpoint (recording studios, file archives), there is a good argument for the use of high sample rates and an air-tight one for high bit depth. 24-bit recording offers greater dynamic range than 16-bit—and digital is unforgiving at the top of the range. So with 24-bit in a recording environment, the artist and producer have more flexibility to raise quiet levels (i.e. tracks that were recorded relatively quietly) without raising the noise floor in the recoding generally. This benefit is tangible and makes 24-bit recording preferable verses 16-bit. 

The concept of high-resolution audio playback is to simply give users at home access to music in the native resolution in which it was originally recorded. This is how the studios, the engineers, the producers and most critically the artists heard the music as it was being recorded and mixed. This is how they intended for it to be heard and enjoyed in the home. And this is why Autonomic MMS music players offer high-resolution (24-bit) playback capability and lossless streaming, which deliver the sparkling clarity that commoditized systems are lacking.

It is absolutely true that each home imparts unique acoustical challenges into the equation. Audio components such as loudspeakers and amplifiers each have their own set of colorations and limitations. It is not likely that each consumer will duplicate the reference listening environment in their homes that the artists utilized as they made their music. All of that said, a proper entertainment system should be able to playback content in its native resolution. Why give the listener anything less than the best possible experience?

Autonomic Mirage Music Players represent the art of music in its highest form. They enable you to fill your home with pure, reference quality high-resolution audio via a USB to DAC output and up to 24-bit/192kHz resolutions via both coax digital and analog simultaneous discrete outputs. Two to five independently controlled streams (depending on MMS model) coupled with Mirage Digital Matrix Amplifiers supports a multi-room entertainment system as large as an astonishing 96 zones.

Mirage Music Players are the ultimate hybrid solution, supporting the latest high-resolution digital formats for audiophiles while simultaneously delivering the elegance and convenience of multi-room audio. Mirage Music Players have become the standard for converging content for multi-room distribution from the most popular sources, such as iTunes, Windows Media, TIDAL, PANDORA® internet radio, Rhapsody®, TuneIn Radio, SiriusXM Internet Radio, Slacker, Napster, Deezer and Spotify.

Mirage Music Players offer sophisticated features not found on competitive products such as the ability to store, sync, schedule, stream and seamlessly blend an entire music collection along with the most popular online streaming services. Both the MMS-2A and MMS-5A enable users to link multiple homes with an MMS in each location and synchronize music content by leveraging cloud storage services. Onboard AirPlay receivers enable guests to enjoy their content in your home, and Autonomic’s exclusive TuneBridge™ technology make it easier than ever to listen to, discover and explore the universe of music. The Mirage Music Player helps users create the ultimate music mix by enabling them to capture and create presets of their exact listening experience in all zones as it is happening and recall it at any time from the favorites menu. Mirage Music Players can be enjoyed as a standalone entertainment system controlled by using Apple or Android devices or they can be elegantly integrated with all of the major control systems such as Crestron, RTI, Control4, Elan, AMX, Savant and more.

An Autonomic whole-house music system supports up to 96 zones of entertainment along with high-resolution playback capability for the utmost in clarity and detail. Why settle for less than the art of music in its highest form? 

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