Caavo the Miracle Remote? I’ll Take One for Me, One for Mom

Caavo the Miracle Remote? I’ll Take One for Me, One for Mom

Caavo remote control and content-management machine might be good enough for do-it-yourselfers, but it scored with smart-home pros at CEDIA Expo 2019.


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The Art of a Professionally Installed Automated Flat Screen Lift with Style

Sleek design and with No Visible Openings around the mechanism.

There are many TV Lifting Mechanisms being manufactured today, coming from markets in the USA, and outside the country from China and Europe. The most common mechanisms being built are low cost pedestal type units that leave little room to the design and function of a beautiful and seamless install. Also, most of them cannot be equipped with a swivel mechanism, manual or motorized.

The pedestal type unit requires a large footprint front to back, resulting in a large opening at the cabinet, floor or in the ceiling. Creating not only an eyesore, but also a danger of where someone or something can fall into the opening. Audio video dealers, contractors, architects, designers and the like prefer to use Inca TV Lift mechanisms, allowing them to cut out an exact opening size, and one that will always being covered up, when the unit is raised or lowered.

Guaranteeing, that nothing can fall or drop in, and the elimination of unsightly TV cables, metal brackets and seeing the mechanism itself. 

Audio video dealers, contractors, architects, designers and the like, choose INCA to help transform the way you live in your home by making life more easy and convenient to operate the electronic devices in your home through electronic integration of controls and hardware, and operate the daily entertainment devices and security system. Also, right selection of INCA automated lifting mechanism will allow you to organize space and management plans in and out of your home, office, yacht, mobile home and any environment that you can imagine. 

Showcasing the magnificent style and function on a custom mechanism designed to support from 20 lbs. up to roughly 800 lbs. One of our customer asked “how can we have one Flat Screen TV function in two rooms.” With the help of the different available options from Inca, an Automatic or Manual Swivel can be added to a Floor Lift mechanism, and be controlled by dry contacts and or a radio remote. Allowing for the TV to be view in both rooms. Also, side mounted speakers or a sound bar can be fitted with the TV and function in the same manner on the INCA Floor Lift.

Homeowners wishing to downsize their living spaces, will enjoy our new thinner and smaller ceiling units: INCA Flat Screen Flip Down Ceiling Lift or Micro Flip Down Ceiling Lift. They can be surface mounted or recessed above the ceiling, requiring only or 3.0” to 4” in height. Inca’s  most compact Flip Down Ceiling lift can support TVs ranging in size from 22″ to 65” and if required include an option for extension or further drop into the room to ensure the proper viewing location. Integrating a Swivel function can also be added for extra convenience and use with an INCA Custom Fold Down Ceiling Lift with swivel. Control options are also available.

Other popular product lines of automated mechanisms to support TVs that are now gaining attention internationally and domestically  have been our new  “Pedestal Lift”, “Panel/Door Opener”, “TV Lifts,” “Utility Lifts,” “Side slider,” “Step, Back & Rise,” “Corner Post TV Swivel,” “TV Lift Tilting Module” and “Wall Mounted Pullouts.” Combined with the integration of swivels, extensions and mounting systems, homeowners are now able to design and execute media devices hidden in the wall, on the wall, in the ceiling, below the floor and in cabinets with the touch of their fingers commanding the mechanism to operate.

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