New Terra Speakers are ‘Pretty Dead’ Thanks to Concrete, Recycled Materials

LEED-friendly cabinets made of concrete and recycled materials make Terra’s new Katahdin speakers “pretty dead” for audio, and pretty good for the environment.


Terra Speakers is launching a new line speakers called Katahdin, featuring cabinets made of concrete and recycled materials.

While attending a local trade show in Maine, James Banfield, principal of New Brunswick-based Terra, met a nearby supplier of the material. Banfield says he realized the material, which meets LEED requirements for environment-friendly properties, would make a unique cabinet material for new speakers that would become Katahdin.

“We are still working on the crossover—and we are switching to powder-coated baffles, but wood baffles will also be available. We can manufacture solutions for indoor or outdoor applications too.”

Banfield explains that because of the material's density, the speaker cabinets “are pretty dead.”

“You can play loud music and the cabinet doesn't move,” he points out. “The vendor has made an audio mix of the material to minimize resonances.”

Beyond the characteristics of the material, though, Banfield appreciates that it's made by a neighbor in Portland.

Terra Concrete Katahdin Speakers Rock

Katahdin  is the name of the largest mountain in Maine. Like other Terra Speaker products, the company will back the speakers once they launch with custom options that include wood and metal baffles, as well as a choice of colors. 

Banfield also says the concrete Katahdin speakers will be available in two versions. The first model will feature a 5.1/4-inch woofer and 1.1-inch tweeter. A larger version Katahdin will employ a 6.5-inch woofer and the same 1.1-inch tweeter as the smaller model. Both models will also employ sealed box designs. 

“We can also accommodate custom orders for the Katahdin with 70-volt versions to meet audiophile or outdoor applications,” adds Banfield. “Dealers can place them in locations with outdoor kitchens and granite countertops to match that sort of look.”

The 5 1/4-inch Katahdin speaker is expected to price out at approximately $2,000 per pair, and the 6.5-inch version will carry an estimated price of $2,500 per pair.  

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