JL Audio Adds New LED Speakers to its Marine Lineup

M3 Series marine speakers from JL Audio designed to match nearly all boat styles, colored LED lighting is optional.

JL Audio Adds New LED Speakers to its Marine Lineup

JL Audio adds its M3 Series speakers to its portfolio of marine loudspeakers.

Summer is hitting its stride and owners of boats are beginning to spruce up their vessels. It’s a good time to promote marine-grade speakers. JL Audio added a new line of marine loudspeakers and subwoofers to its portfolio, the M3 Series. In addition to sounding good, the speakers also look good, with the option to add RGB illumination to them.

According to a statement by JL Audio, the M3 Series is suitable for all types of boats from runabouts, luxury yachts and pontoons to center consoles and towboats.

Two grille designs are available: Classic, which features a gloss white slat grille, and Sport, which features a split-spoke grille design.

The Sport version is available in gloss white or a gunmetal finish. For an extra visual punch, the Sport speakers can be ordered with built-in LED RGB illumination. Users can select from a limitless palette of colors with the speakers are paired with an RGB controller.

JL also offers the Model MLC-RW RGB controller, which features a rotary knob for adjusting the speakers’ illumination color and intensity.

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“Earlier this year we unveiled our incredible new M6 speakers and subwoofers to the marine industry. We are continuing our momentum in this category with the introduction of M3, a more affordable speaker line that still maintains JL Audio’s high standards for audio quality and durability,” says Andy Oxenhorn, President of JL Audio.

“These two key product line introductions will form the foundation for JL Audio’s marine audio business for several years to come.”

JL Audio Marine Loudspeaker Options

Models in the M3 Coaxial Series include:

M3-650X: 6.5-inch marine coaxial system with 0.75-inch (19 mm) silk dome tweeters, optional LED RGB illumination, 60W, 4 ohms; $229.99 – $299.99

M3-770X: 7.7-inch marine coaxial system with 0.75-inch (19 mm) silk dome tweeters, optional LED RGB illumination, 70W, 4 ohms; $299.99 – $369.99

M3 Subwoofer Drivers

M3-10IB: 10-inch infinite baffle marine subwoofer, optional LED RGB illumination, 175W, 4 ohms; $229.99 – $269.99

M3 Enclosed Speakers

M3-770ETXv3: 7.7-inch enclosed marine tower coaxial system, optional LED RGB illumination, 70W, 4 ohms; $679.99 – $779.99

ETXv3-CVR: Gray neoprene, zippered cover protects ETXv3 systems during storage and trailering

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