GoldenEar Introduces 2nd Gen Triton Speakers at CES 2016

Using technologies developed for its flagship Triton One loudspeaker, GoldenEar has improved its popular Triton Two and Triton Three speakers with the addition of its new Triton Two+ and Triton Three+ loudspeakers.


Few speaker companies can match the instant success of the Stevenson, Md.-based company GoldenEar Audio. Led by long-time audio industry veteran Sandy Gross, GoldenEar burst into the audio category back in 2010, and now six years later the company is introducing its second-generation Triton Two+ and Triton Three+ floorstanding loudspeakers at CES 2016.

Using technologies developed for its flagship Triton One floorstanding loudspeaker, including the company's High Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR) tweeter and built-in powered woofers, as well as the experience gained in designing this speaker, GoldenEar's latest speakers were engineered in its Arnprior Advanced Development and Research facility, which replicates Canada's famed National Research Council (NRC) facilities.

Leading the company's design efforts, Bob Johnston, head of engineering, GoldenEar Technology, made changes to the Triton Two and Triton Three speakers that include new upper bass/midrange drivers that feature new cones, surrounds, spiders and voice coils. The speakers also utilize new crossover networks that incorporate polypropylene capacitors, as well as reprogrammed DSP low-level control units that are said to help the speakers produce more revealing, higher detailed sound.

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GoldenEar adds that it also took a “considerable” amount of time to voice the speakers to ensure the integration between upper bass/midrange drivers, tweeter and powered woofers. The company points out, “the complex crossover to the powered bass section of both speakers, which critically controls both the phase and amplitude transition was optimized by utilizing the DSP software to as closely match the Triton One in acoustic presentation and characteristics as possible.”

The 60-pound, 8-ohm Triton Two+ stands 48-inches tall, and it employs two 5-inch x 9-inch quadratic bass drivers coupled to two 7-inch x 10-inch quadratic planar infrasonic radiators. The midrange is handled by a pair of 4.5-inch mid-bass drivers, and high frequencies are reproduced by a single HVFR tweeter. GoldenEar says the speaker is rated to deliver frequency response of 16Hz to 35kHz, and it offers an efficiency rating of 91dB.

The 40-pound, 8-ohm Triton Three+ stands nearly four feet tall and it includes single 5-inch x 9-inch quadratic bass driver coupled to a pair of 6.75-inch x 8-inch quadratic planar infrasonic radiators. The Triton Three+'s midrange is handled by a single 4.5-inch mid-bass driver, and its high frequencies are handled by a single HVFR tweeter. GoldenEar says the Triton Three+ delivers a frequency response of 21Hz to 35kHz, and it is 90dB efficient.

Both speakers will be available this February at an MSRP of $1,749 each for the Triton Two+ and $1,249 each for the Triton Three+.

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