Editor’s Pick: Phase Tech Soundbar & Subwoofer Form Perfect Pair

CE Pro senior editor Bob Archer reviews the Phase Technology Teatro TSB3.0 soundbar and PC SUB WL-10 wireless subwoofer together and isn’t disappointed.


MSE Audio's Phase Technology brand has been offering consumers competitively priced and non-compromising soundbars and subwoofers for several years, and its new Teatro TSB3.0 and PC SUB WL-10 wireless subwoofer deliver everything consumers expect from modern sound systems.

The TSB3.0 is a thin, three-channel soundbar that incorporates Phase Tech’s Enhanced Voice Technology (EVT) to make dialog more intelligible. The soundbar also includes Phase Tech’s SFE-spatial field expander side drivers that are designed to increase the size of the speaker’s soundstage to create a more spacious listening experience.

Phase Tech says the 90dB-sensitive, 8-ohm speaker also incorporates three 3/4-inch silk/synthetic soft-dome tweeters, three long-throw 3-inch Polypropylene woofers with rubber surrounds, and these drivers are capped within an enclosure that features a black aluminum finish. The speaker has wall-mount and tabletop stand options.

The PC SUB WL-10 utilizes a 10-inch long-throw mica/graphite Polypropylene driver with a butyl rubber surround and 10-inch passive radiator of the same materials. Driving the woofer is a 300-watt amplifier that produces 900-watt peaks. The sub offers traditional wired and 2.4GHz wireless connectivity.

Phase Tech Soundbar & Sub

PROS: Fantastic build quality; complementary industrial design; impressive audio; subwoofer installs quickly

CONS: PC SUB WL-10’s gloss black finish is not the most conducive for blending into home environments; wood veneers might be better

The first thing that caught my attention durring the setup process was the soundbar’s build quality. It is slim, but hefty and sturdy. I used the tabletop stand option to pair it with a Vizio 4K TV and Phase Tech’s companion P3-35 compact 3.1-channel amplifier, hooked up via Phoenix connectors.

With its wireless option, the sub also integrated easily into my living room. Placing it approximately 7 feet and at a perpendicular angle from the soundbar, I ran an RCA cable from the P3-35’s subwoofer out to the sub’s wireless transmitter’s input.

When everything is powered on, the transmitter unit’s LED indicator blinks blue before turning to a solid blue to indicate a connection.

Once the connection was made, all I needed to do was fine-tune the sub’s settings. Between the volume control and the EQ options on the P3-35, I was able to balance the system’s frequency response and integration between the soundbar and sub.

After letting the speakers break-in for a few weeks I found that music sounded really pleasant through the Phase Tech products. I thought the sub produced well-controlled and firm low end, and in combination with the soundbar the system delivered an articulate midrange highlighted by neutral tonality of male and female vocals.

Another element that stood out was that the SFE side drivers delivered as advertised. The soundstage of the soundbar extended well beyond its physical footprint to add spaciousness to music and home theater content.

I think the only caveat is that those SFE side drivers will need some space to “breath” in order to work effectively. Corner placement of the soundbar may not be ideal, for instance.

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My only real knock with the products is minor — the PC SUB WL-10’s gloss black finish is not complementary with most home interiors.

Sure, it may look good next to the bezel of some flat-panel TV, but its contrast against most furniture finishes doesn’t work as well. I’d like to see some real-wood veneers such as cherry, rosewood and oak.

Overall between the Teatro TSB 3.0 soundbar, the PC SUB WL-10 and the P3-35 amp, I think Phase Tech is doing a lot of work to give dealers a nicely integrated system to satisfy clients.

It’s easy to overlook Phase Tech, it is not a marketing-driven company, but after experiencing its products, I’d say it’s a good thing that its resources appear to be prioritized toward R&D and engineering instead.

So if you haven’t heard of Phase Tech, this system is a fine reason to change that. I can’t recommend this company enough.

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Robert Archer:

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