Dynaudio’s Powerful Sub 6 is Highlighted by Intelligent DSP

New MSP+ Hybrid Drive Units Extend Down to 16Hz

Dynaudio’s Powerful Sub 6 is Highlighted by Intelligent DSP

The Dynaudio Sub 6 is a DSP controlled active subwoofer utilizing sophisticated DSP technology that precisely tailors the performance to a user’s system. Each unit is meticulously constructed by master-craftsmen and rigorously tested to incredibly demanding standards.

Dynaudio developed innovative driver designs for the Sub 6, in which two brand-new 24cm MSP+ Hybrid drive units are installed in a dual-opposing configuration at each end of the solidly constructed sealed enclosure, which stands wider than it does deep to help the subwoofer sit more discreetly against a back wall. The driver cones feature a combination of materials specifically designed for the subwoofer application. The primary material is aluminum, chosen for its rigidity, while a dual-action damping system combining paper dampening on the back of the driver and Dynaudio’s characteristic and proprietary MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) material in a dampening cap on the front counter any ringing from the aluminum and ensure the extremely high level of sound quality.

The drivers are driven by a 500W on-board power amplifier. The Sub 6 is fitted with dual RCA and XLR inputs and outputs to enable the connection of active main speakers, a power amplifier for main speakers, or a second subwoofer. Configuration and control of the Sub 6 is accomplished through a rear panel mounted rotary controller with display and menu based interface.

A time-delay setting ensures that the sub and speakers are working perfectly in sync with one another: users simply enter the distance from the Sub 6 to the speakers and the sub will adjust itself automatically using both time and phase delays. A full parametric EQ with three filters to counter the effects of any room nodes is included to guarantee the best performance possible, while the input sensitivity setting ensures that the volume adjustment range is adequate and that its input and DSP electronics are driven properly.

The Sub 6 features pre-installed, low-pass filter presets with custom performance maps of several Dynaudio loudspeakers, allowing users to simply utilze the subwoofer’s menu display to select the particular Dynaudio model included in the setup to precisely match the Sub 6’s roll-off. The digital signal processing compensates for the time delay and volume level differences between the subwoofer and main speakers resulting from their relative positions with respect to the listening position. When new Dynaudio models are introduced, firmware updates will add their individual performance maps to the Sub 6.

For systems incorporating other models, including non-Dynaudio speakers, the Sub 6 crossover frequency, gain and phase can be set manually. A filter bypass allows the Sub 6 to be used as the LFE channel in a home theatre setup, while a trigger input enables wired remote control of subwoofer standby and operational modes in automated systems.

The Sub 6, which is now shipping, is available in a choice of Satin Black or Satin White finish, and is priced at $2,799 each.