Sescom Introduces 2nd Generation Fiber Audio Converter

2-Channel Audio Over Single Fiber Extender Exclusively Distributed by TecNec!

Sescom Introduces 2nd Generation Fiber Audio Converter

When it comes to sending audio over long distances, copper struggles to keep up with its fiber optic counterpart. That’s why those who know the difference look to Sescom when a reliable audio extender is required to the get the job done.

The latest Sescom Fiber Audio Converter, the X-FA2, is a battery operated 2-Channel XLR line level audio over fiber optic extender system that's perfect for broadcast or corporate studios, field audio operations, OB vans, rental, theaters, stadiums and more! Sescom's new and improved X-A2 design eliminates potential crosstalk issues.

9V Battery or AC Powered!

The Sescom X-FA2 can be powered externally or with a 9-volt battery making it the perfect fit in field applications.

Selectable Mic or Line Level on Each Channel

The Sescom X-FA2 provides two XLR line level inputs via XLR connectors. The receiver features an independent mic/line level switch on each channel giving you the flexibility to convert the line level audio to mic level.

Miles of Audio

Complete transmitter & receiver system with professional ST Connectors! The X-FA2 has a range of 12.4 miles using single mode fiber and up to 984 feet over multimode fiber cable.