Networking for the Connected Home

Superior home networking delivers profitability for you and dependability to your clients.

We live in a digital world. From our phones to our laptops to our streaming media, we are becoming increasingly connected. And we certainly notice when those connections aren’t functioning as they should. We’ve all been there—you sit down to stream an episode of your favorite show only to see more of the buffering icon than the actual program. It’s frustrating.

As CE Pros, it’s more critical than ever to deliver to your clients a robust, consistent, and high-performing home network they can always rely on.

Home Networks Should be Strong and Stable

Wireless networks and superior-quality routers can work together to provide incredibly high-speeds, high throughputs, and consistent peak performance. For homes with multiple devices, segmented traffic and periodic maintenance can ensure instant connectivity and result in a lot less support calls.

Network platforms such as Pakedge, for example, are designed especially for the connected home to prioritize wireless traffic. Email and internet searches won’t be interrupted while concurrently streaming movies or music, and cameras, intercoms, and other online devices are trusted to perform just as they should. When network traffic is segmented into zones based on need and performance requirements, connected devices won’t see all of the traffic on the network.

Customers Need Scalable Solutions

A quality home network should evolve along with your clients’ needs. As network demands change, some homes and solutions demand more sophisticated configurations. With a Pakedge home network, for example, with the simple addition of a component or two, a network is taken to the next level, unlocking new features for fine-tuning a client’s environment.

Knowledge of Home Network Installation is Crucial

Some home networks are a complicated mix of devices from various manufacturers. Setup is tedious and overly complex, functionality is less than optimal, and network efficiency suffers. Having a sophisticated network that can manage all of your clients’ entertainment and/or smart home devices is no longer a luxury but a necessity. When you spend the time to become a networking expert, you can deliver a superb experience to homeowners and position yourself as a leader for the connected home—a skill that is increasingly growing in demand.

Zones prioritize traffic into segmented “lanes” to alleviate conflicts and bogged down network speeds.

All homeowners need a sophisticated network designed for the unique demands of the connected home—whether their homes have a few devices online or they are brimming with home automation.

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