Stewart Gemini Dual Roller System Plays Starring Role in Acoustic Evolution Showroom

Stewart Filmscreen Gemini gives consumers “the best of both worlds” viewing

Acoustic Evolution, an HTA-certified audio/video and home theater designer and installer in San Diego County, recently revamped its showroom to demonstrate the latest in home technology.

In updating the projection system, owner Allen Tremble discovered his challenge mirrored that of many homeowners: He needed a screen system to accommodate both daytime viewing and evening movie events in the theater.

“I was looking for a screen I could use in my showroom to demonstrate what a quality image looks like,” says Tremble. “Our showroom is bright during the day and that’s usually when we have people in it. But we also do events in the evening and wanted a white screen to show movies on so as to show them what’s possible.”

Similarly, “the trend in the marketplace is multi-use areas for watching movies at night and TV, news, or sporting events during the day. The living room is bright and you don’t want to make it dark just to watch the news,” says Tremble. “That’s why Gemini is such a compelling solution.”

Enter Stewart Filmscreen Gemini System

Tremble was introduced to the solution in August just before the CEDIA Show in San Diego, where Stewart Filmscreen introduced the new Gemini dual roller screen system. Gemini provides dealers with a 16:9 aspect ratio Phantom HALR for daytime viewing, and a StudioTek 130 (or another choice of a white screen) in 2.35 widescreen format for movies, all housed in an easy-to-install enclosure that measures less than 1 foot across and attaches to the ceiling.

Once the system was uncrated in the San Diego showroom, the Acoustic Evolution team had it installed and was ready to watch a movie in under an hour.

Powered by a Barco Balder Cinemascope projector, video sources include a DIRECTV box for sports, news, and broadcast television, and a Kaleidescape movie server to light up the big screen for movie events.

Now You See It…

The Gemini system allows Acoustic Evolution to show consumers the various options available for any space in their home. “In the demos, it’s great having two screens. Whether we are talking about a living room or a dedicated home theater, it’s easy for me to show consumers what they can expect in their home. We’ve got the Phantom HALR black screen for daytime viewing and a larger format white screen for a dedicated theater or media room,” says Tremble.

The ElectriScreen system also adds an element of surprise and delight to the showroom. “People like to see things that move. They are in awe of how it’s one screen and then all of a sudden there’s a different screen there,” says Tremble.  “It’s there when you need it and rolls up out of the way when you don’t need it.” This represents a huge advantage in homes where a formal living room doubles as a media room and the residents don’t always want a screen distracting from the home’s aesthetics.

Screen Sales, Simplified

In the past, dealers would have to discern how consumers would be using their screen before deciding on the best screen for the room. The dealer would have to explain the importance of different aspect ratios and different screen materials for different applications.

Gemini reduces this highly technical conversation to a quick demo. “I’m able to use two different materials in two different aspect ratios not only to show what two-piece projection is, but to help explain the two different aspect ratios. At the press of a button, consumers can see how each of the images fit on each screen,” says Tremble. 

The true beauty of Stewart Filmscreen Gemini? The consumer doesn’t have to choose one or the other. “The fact that it’s all in one case means consumers can have the best of both worlds,” he concludes.

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