Definitive Technology Launches New Generation of Bipolar Speakers with BP9000 Series

Definitive Technology says the new BP9000 loudspeakers are capable of reproducing today’s Dolby Atmos and DTS:X object-based surround sound formats.


Back in the 1990s bipolar loudspeakers were the speaker technology of choice for many Gen Xers. Today in a much more competitive technology environment manufacturers have had to step their game up in order to maintain the loyalty of those consumers, as well as grow their businesses with new consumers, and few biploar manufacturers have been able to match the designs of Definitive Technology

Showing a Steph Curry level of engineering prowess, Definitive Technology is showing the consumer audio market just how much game its latest bipolar concepts have with the introduction of its fourth-generation BP9000 series of bipolar speakers. 

Definitive Technology says its latest generation of bipolar products pay homage to its previous generations, but with newer design concepts to allow these speakers, which generate a spherical soundstage to sound impact for today's diverse audio content. 

“Definitive Technology engineers and designers have always taken an obsessive approach to developing the best performing products for the home theater, and the BP9000 series is a perfect example of that,” says Joel Sietsema, senior director of brand management, Sound United [parent company of Definitive Technology]. “The BP10 series, introduced in 1991, was our first speaker that led the way in elvating Definitive Technology as one of the best-known brands in performance audio.”

“This new collection is a testament to our meticulous eye for detail; use of new object-oriented audio technologies, stunning design, and a breadth of new audio technologies,” Sietsema continues. “We know the best speaker successfully reproduces sound across the entire audio frequency range in the most balanced way possible, and the BP9000 series does just that.”

The fourth-generation line of bipolar speakers includes the BP9020, BP9040, BP9060 and top-of-the-line BP9080X floorstanding models, the CS9040, CS9060 and CS9080 center-channel speakers, the SR9040 and SR9080 surround speakers, and the A90 height speaker module that supports the playback of the object-based surround sound formats Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

Highlighting the flagship BP9080X floorstanding model, the tower speaker features a 12-inch powered woofer and a pair of bass radiators to deliver deep, impactful bass. Def Tech points out the speaker incorporates its Bass Control technology that allows users the ability to modulate low frequencies up or down, while simultaneously maintaining midrange balance. Because of the speaker's low-frequency extension, dealers can eliminate the need for a separate powered woofer for installations where space is an issue, and Definitive Technology notes the speaker's three 5.25-inch midrange drivers include the company's Balanced Double Surround Sound technology that improves driver excursion to produce more bass that most drivers of the same size. 

The speaker also incorporates two 1-inch aluminum dome tweeters for clean, extended high frequencies, as well as an acoustically transparent grille and a resonant-free cabinet. 

Here is a look at the entire product BP9000 series of products:

  • BP9080X floorstanding speaker ($1,749 each); available in late summer
  • BP9060 floorstanding speaker ($1,099 each); available end of May
  • BP9040 floorstanding speaker ($899 each); available end of May
  • BP9020 floorstanding speaker ($649 each); available end of May
  • CS9080 ($999) center-channel speaker; available late summer
  • CS9060 ($699) center-channel speaker; available end of May
  • CS9040 ($499) center-channel speaker; available end of May
  • SR9080 ($349 each) surround speaker; available late summer
  • SR9040 ($249 each) surround speaker; available end of May

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