CEDIA Expo Virtual Preview: Primex Adds NEMA Enclosures to Meet Dealer Demand

Primex is set to show some of its latest products and deliver a number of educational offerings as part of its CEDIA Expo Virtual booth activities.


The Canadian company Primex has been supporting professional integrators for a number of years through its selection media panel products. 

At the CEDIA Expo Virtual event Primex will show a number of solutions that are highlighted by its new NEMA enclosures and SOHO Pro series of products. 

James Nicholas, director of marketing for Primex, notes the company recently changed its name to better reflects its increased emphasis on product development and marketing and these efforts will be seen during the CEDIA Expo Virtual event. 

“We’re constantly evolving the product line to mee the needs of customers. There’s always new products coming out,” says Nicholas. 

“This is our second year at CEDIA, and at last year’s booth some of you may remember we had the Harley Davidson giveaway, and it was in the foyer. So, I think a lot of you probably saw that. So, that was really exciting for us … it was awarded to an integrator out of Michigan and I got to say it really made his month.”

Outlining the company’s plans for the CEDIA Expo Virtual event, Nicholas says Primex has introduced a lot of new products, including a lot of accessories, which are all designed to make system installations easier for integrators. 

One of the new product lines the company plans on showing during the event is a new series of NEMA enclosures that were developed to meet dealer demand for outdoor solutions. 

In addition to its SOHO Pro and NEMA product highlights during the show, several members of the Primex team will take part in group chat discussions to help answer dealer questions. 

“We can set up a private call between you and one of the local sales reps,” Nicholas comments. 

“We’re [are also] going to be doing presentations almost every hour-on-the hour.”

The presentations will cover products, technologies, support, and they will provide opportunities for dealers to reach out to Primex adds Nicholas. 

Sadly, Nicholas admits that this year there will be no Harley Davidson giveaways, but he says the company will be offering dealers product samples. Nicholas stresses that if integrators want to learn more about Primex and its new initiatives, which fall under the company’s “When Others Paused, We Pressed Play” marketing campaign they can visit the Primex website to learn more about the company.