ICE Cable Bulk Buy Program Saves Integrator $60,000

Thanks in part to its bulk cable programs, ICE Cable has reached Bullet Brand status for this year’s CE Pro Brand Analysis.

ICE Cable's bulk program enabled TRI Phase Technologies to save between $50,000 and $60,000.

For custom integrators (or any type of company for that matter), saving $60,000 is a big deal. And that’s exactly what longtime CE Pro 100 integration company TRI Phase Technologies was able to do by using ICE Cable’s bulk buy program.

The cabling category is one of the most saturated markets in the residential AV industry, due in part to myriad small companies looking to enter the market, alongside the recent trend of distributors offering house brands of products to keep things simple for integrators. Despite the wealth of available options, longtime integrators like Robert Haecker, president and founder of TRI Phase Technologies in Zionsville, Ind., understand the value of sticking with one of the largest names in the category, ICE Cable

A staple in the Zionsville community since 1997, TRI Phase Technologies uses ICE Cable for just about everything. “We use ICE for all of our data cables, all of our bulk audio cable, and Lutron wire,” says Haecker. 

Admittedly, TRI Phase hasn’t always used ICE Cables, but once Haecker learned that the company offered bulk cable programs he knew the potential for savings were massive. 

“We really started using ICE Cable because they have the bulk programs. They had half container and full container programs, so we started buying the wire by the container, and when we did the comparison to buying versus our local distributor, we were saving upwards of $50,000 to $60,000,” says Haecker. 

This bulk program has helped ICE Cable reach Bullet Brand status in this year’s CE Pro Brand Analysis for cabling manufacturers, meaning the company has seen a spike of interest from integrators across the United States.

Haecker also stresses how the quality of companies like ICE Cable plays a large factor in determining which brands they have remained loyal to over the years. “It’s definitely [about the] quality and the feedback from our technicians that the boxes are durable, the wire pulls well, it feels high quality for the people terminating it, and there have been really no drawbacks to it.”

ICE Cable’s marketshare in the CE Pro 100 grew a whopping 75% in one year in 2020. The company is now used by 28% of CE Pro 100 integrators, up from 16% the previous year.