Classe Delta Series Includes Preamp, Stereo and Mono Amps

The new third-generation of Delta Series products from Classe includes a preamplifier, monoblock and stereo amplifier.


Updating its product line, the new third-generation Classe Delta Series of products includes the Delta MONO, Delta STEREO and Delta PRE components.

Classe says that its latest-generation Delta Series products place a greater emphasis on the amplifiers’ Class A designs, along with the amps’ power delivery capabilities.

“Classe’s reputation for high-performance amplifiers dates to the early 1980s when we announced the original DR-2, a 25-watt per channel Class A amplifier. At the time, it received critical acclaim for many of the same qualities we boast today,” notes Dave Nauber, brand director, Classe.

“Nearly 40 years on, the new models reaffirm the benefits of Class A topologies and balanced circuitry, implemented with the latest technologies and material improvements alongside an unwavering dedication to quality. The third-generation Delta Series surpasses all expectations.”

Classe Delta Series MONO and Delta Amplifiers

Designed in Montreal and built-in parent company Sound United‘s Japanese-based Shirakawa Audio Works factory, the Delta Series amplifiers feature hand-wound toroidal transformers that include more than 1,770 feet of copper.

The STEREO model also features separate windings for the left and right channels, and inverting and non-inverting amplifiers in the MONO to help ensure signal isolation.

Classe points out the amplifiers also incorporate 22 four-pole Mundorf capacitors that provide filtering, and 215,000 uF of energy storage that help the amps reproduce wide dynamics.

Supporting the amps’ Class A operation, new Lateral MOSFET output stages operate in Class A up to 35 watts in the MONO amp, and the STEREO amp uses this design to operate up to 12.5 watts in a Class A mode.

In addition, the amps’ front panels host large air intake systems that feed the products’ ICTunnel active cooling systems.

Delta PRE Preamplifier

According to the company, the Delta PRE preamplifier accommodates a variety of source components that range from CD players and turntables to streaming devices and HDMI-based components.

Classe states the Delta PRE utilizes short signal paths, as well as a bypass mode for analog source components, and access to digital processing.

The preamplifier offers operational modes such as mono or stereo subwoofer outputs with level and delay controls. The PRE also provides options such as nine-band parametric equalization (EQ) for each of its five output channels (main, left and right; Aux 1 and 2, and sub), and tone control.

Additionally, the Delta PRE incorporates on-board phono and optional HDMI switching with asynchronous USB, master-mode network, SPDIF coax and optical, and analog XLR (balanced) and RCA (unbalanced) connections.

  • MSRP for the Classe Delta STEREO is $12,999
  • MSRP for the Classe Delta MONO is $10,999
  • MSRP for the Classe Delta PRE is $9,999

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