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Totem Acoustic’s Kin Architectural Series Is a Win-Win for Everyone

Totem’s new Kin Architectural Series speakers provide just as many benefits for the installer as it does for the client.

Totem Acoustic’s Kin Architectural Series Is a Win-Win for Everyone
Kin Architectural is a tight, focused series consisting of five models that cover virtually every indoor and outdoor requirement.
November 27, 2017

Clients want their homes to sound like concert halls and installers want to deliver that experience within their budget. For a speaker series to truly satisfy all parties involved, however, sensational sound and the right price alone are not enough. 

There are many other factors instrumental in fulfilling the long-term needs and expectations of clients and installers, and Totem Architectural series provides them.

Long Term Solutions

Regardless of the cost, every client has the exact same expectation from the system they’ve purchased. It should maintain its performance as long as the mortgage. 

For thirty years, Totem speakers have been handcrafted with an artisanal level of detail and our reputation has been built on our longevity and remarkable performance.  

Our speakers are passed along from one generation to another, just like the house in which they’re installed.  

Stress-Free Speaker Solution

Installers have their own set of parameters for satisfaction. They want to know that costly returns to the site are unnecessary so budgets and margins are maintained. 

Totem addresses this with features that ensure the project is executed efficiently and in a stress-free manner. Color-coded preconstruction kits indicate proper speaker size to ensure installation accuracy.

Joist brackets facilitate installing speakers in a perfect line, and multiple points to connect the wings guarantee contact with drywall.  

Acoustic back cans provide thorough sound isolation and protect components from materials that can cause damage and degrade performance. 

Optional square grille kits offer cosmetic finishing touches to suit personal design tastes or surrounding HVAC frames.  

Unique Features Driven by Customer Feedback

Bass and treble controls are redundant since the associated electronics generally provide these features.

What installer and clients made known to us was a desire for speakers to perform as dynamically whether used in high output or ambient listening levels. Totem’s proprietary Low Volume Intelligibility Switch addresses this need by enhancing the clarity of vocals and impact of bass response at low volume.

Bigger (Dispersion) Is Better

Kin Architectural speakers disperse at 75 degrees, almost twice as spaciously as competitive speakers. Their expansive coverage is comparable to a flood light whereas most others function like a focused, narrow spotlight, creating small acoustic “hot spots.”  

This also allows the listener to enjoy the same sound anywhere in the room, whether seated or standing, and simplifies placement for the installer. 

Series Overview

Kin Architectural is a tight, focused series consisting of five models that cover virtually every indoor and outdoor requirement. 

The Premium IC82, IC62, and dual tweeter stereo IC62ST models are equipped with Kin-exclusive MHEX Phenolic Honeycomb Woven Hybrid woofers in cast baskets and 1-inch ceramic-coated aluminum dome tweeters. 

The potent IC81 and IC61 feature customized polypropylene woofers. 

Intermix Harmoniously

True to both Totem and Kin heritage, all models possess our characteristic phase linearity for uncanny realism, a full range response for truly dynamic performance, and remarkably huge dispersion that facilitates placement and fills the room. 

This allows Kin Architectural to intermix harmoniously with any existing traditional, on-wall, or architectural Totem speaker for a variety of multi-channel options and applications.

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