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The Power of Three AV over IP

Christian Thomas, marketing communications manager at WyreStorm, explains why the technology matters when it comes to AV over IP with a look at the company’s NetworkHD 100/200 Series, 400 Series and upcoming 600 Series solutions.

The Power of Three AV over IP

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October 5, 2017

When it comes to AV distribution, WyreStorm has never believed in “one-size-fits-all.”

The speed technology is advancing and the resulting flexibility demanded by AV integrators means offering just one or two technologies is not only out-of-date attitude to integration, it also really limits the tools a dealer has at their disposal for providing the right solution for their application.

WyreStorm has long been known for its HDMI and HDBaseT solutions, but we are now arguably the only manufacturer to offer solutions across five technology platforms with the inclusion of the three distinct AV over IP technologies that make up our award-winning NetworkHD line of H.264 (100/200 Series), JPEG2000 (400 Series) and soon-to-be released SDVoE (600 Series). Each technology platform shares a system controller device and, importantly, an identical install experience that means dealers don’t need to be retrained to install products from another NetworkHD Series.

However, different IP technologies they all are; with different benefits for different types of applications, yet together NetworkHD represents complete coverage in the WyreStorm AV over IP line for both residential and commercial applications.


NetworkHD 400 Series – Low Latency 4K HDR over 1GbE

The recent AV Awards 2017 winner for best processing and distribution product, the NetworkHD 400 Series is based on the JPEG2000 platform, offering stunning, visually lossless 4K with HDR with multichannel audio over standard 1GbE network where high quality and low latency are key requirements in resi and ProAV applications.

Supporting all SD, HD and 4K UHD formats with HDR, the 400 Series features auto-scaling to handle mixed 4K and 2K components within an install, while HDCP 2.2 compliance ensures integration with the latest 4K content and sources.

In terms of audio, the 400 Series also boasts multichannel audio up to DTS:X and Dolby Atmos, while a powerful internal audio matrix is capable of routing audio separately from video to any decoder.

When it comes to control, the 400 Series offers options galore with CEC one-touch play and standby, Bidirectional IR or RS-232 control of connected devices, with support for all major control systems.

What’s more, the 400 Series includes the revolutionary free NetworkHD Touch control app for iPad that gives access to entire systems, including live onscreen video previews of sources and selections with simple drag-and-drop selection. The 400 Series integrates with the WyreStorm Enado web browser-based control system to add source control, BYOD connectivity and QR code scanning, or also integrates with major third party control systems.

For commercial applications, support for 16x16 video wall includes rotation for portrait walls and image flipping and as with all NetworkHD products, the 400 Series offers virtually limitless expansion capabilities, with easy plug-and-play network set-up using standard managed PoE switches, including Luxul’s AMS series switches, Cisco and many more.


NetworkHD 100/200 Series – Low Bandwidth HD over 1GbE

The H.264-powered 100 and 200 Series provides reliable, high quality, low-bandwidth video transmission of HD sources with resolutions up to 1920x1200 over a standard 1GbE network.

Support for PoE, CEC, and 2-way RS-232 and the free NetworkHD Touch control app for iPad make it tailor-made for medium-to-large scale commercial applications as varied as sports bars, malls, retail stores, universities, retail spaces and more.

With the 100 Series components handling distribution to individual displays and the 200 Series adding video wall support up to 16x16, the platform also includes an eight feed multi-view decoder for video monitoring, 4K upscaling or 4x full HD images displayed in native 1080p in grid formation.

Robust and feature-rich, NetworkHD offers the same effortless installation and system expansion via plug and play addition of encoders and decoders to deliver AV content to a virtually limitless number of displays and video walls for commercial AV distribution of any size.


NetworkHD 600 Series – Ultimate Quality 4K over 10GbE

As a recent SDVoE Alliance member, the 600 Series is a clear indication of how WyreStorm’s NetworkHD line has evolved to now also offer the very highest image quality over IP for onscreen results that are mathematically identical to the source.

Due for release Q4 2017, the 600 Series takes things up a gear with AptoVision’s BlueRiver NT2000 and Plethora engine providing the firepower for instant seamless switching of true 4K UHD @60Hz 4:4:4 with HDR and zero-frame latency over Cat6a up to 100m via off-the shelf 10GbE switchers.

Representing the absolute pinnacle of lossless AV over IP distribution for high-end residential and commercial applications, the 600 Series of course offers HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 support, with independent breakaway switching/true matrixing, audio embedding, de-embedding and down-mixing.

Broadcast quality scaling enables the 600 Series to not just mix and match display resolutions, but also composite multi-view video and video wall support up to 16x16, including bezel correction for powerful commercial applications requiring the absolute highest possible image quality.

For more information on all WyreStorm NetworkHD AV over IP solutions, visit wyrestorm.com

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