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Smart Homes and Buildings – Also missing the forest for the trees?

“Smart home for everybody? Sure, but how?” – Finally all useful information here!

Smart Homes and Buildings – Also missing the forest for the trees?
Installation of smart switches only by professionals (picture by

December 13, 2017

Smart home has become a buzz word and hardly anybody does not know that certain gadgets can make your house smarter. And that is where the frustration of a professional system integrator starts. Because what many end-users do not understand is that in order to have smart home, a specialist needs to come in order to install the smart installation. How else, would the lamp, which is on high voltage, know, when it is supposed to magically turn on and turn off?

What end-users come to realise, once they seriously consider to have a smart home installation: To make your whole house smart, you need a certified installer, who can handle, devices as well as high and low voltage devices, wires and cables. And the need for a professional and certified installer raises by the complexity of your smart home.


Never has there been more information available, but finding the right information has never been harder!


The internet is full of solutions, reviews and articles about smart homes (oh, the irony…). Therefore, finding the right information, which explains that a smart home is more than just a device you can talk to, is becoming a growing challenge. But as with anything else, once you know where you have to look, you can find all information you need.


Brochures and flyers

KNX Association created a comprehensive collection of brochures, flyers and literature, which focusses on all aspects of smart homes and buildings. Finding the answer to “What is a smart home”, “What do I need”, “Where can I get it” and one of the most important questions “Is a smart home secure?”, has never been easier.

All information can also be used to explain all about smart homes to the end-user. Because the more information you can provide, the better your customer will understand what has to be done. All flyers can be found here (→ Marketing → Flyers)


Free online webinars

Are you looking for online training, which is not just another way to sell devices or solutions? Then the KNX webinars are exactly, what you are looking for.

The webinars, which last around 1 hour, deliver knowledge for beginners and experts. Want to convince your potential customer of a smart home? Then attend one of the interactive webinars by KNX Association.


KNX Events all over the world

Nothing is better than “touch and feel”. This opportunity is given at many KNX events all over the world. Events include trade shows, seminars, and private workshops, at which the benefits of a smart home are explained in more detail. Of course these events are open for you and your customers and usually free to attend!

Besides many events all over the world, the next event by KNX Association will take place in Amsterdam: Integrated Systems Europe (ISE). More information here.


In short:

KNX Association has compiled a comprehensive collection of material, suitable for beginners and professionals. All information is available totally free of charge. Lastly, the team of KNX Association would be glad to support you with any kind of question. Feel free to contact us at

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