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Sennheiser RS 2000, RS 5000 Headphones Help You Hear Your TV

Sennheiser's wireless TV headphones help consumers with hearing issues or acoustically-challenged homes hear their TVs better and customize their experience.

Sennheiser RS 2000, RS 5000 Headphones Help You Hear Your TV
Sennheiser's RS 2000 TV headphones retail for $180 while the RS 5000 headphones retail for $250.

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Robert Archer · March 20, 2017

While consumer video technologies evolve to Ultra HD, 4K and HDR, the audio side of the consumers' regular TV watching experience has remained more or less the same, unless you have a full multichannel surround sound system. 

Then there are the common acoustics issues present in most homes. And in some instances, people suffer from hearing issues that make the problem that much worse.

Helping to solve some of these issues is Sennheiser with its new RS 2000 and RS 5000 headphones. 

Sennheiser's two TV headphones are designed to be ergonomically friendly with attractive, modern aesthetics. 

Photos: Sennheiser's wireless TV headphones

"These next generation devices focus on giving listeners an intensified TV sound experience. They offer excellent audio quality and clearer speech, plus wireless flexibility and greater comfort, all in an elegant and ease-to-use solution," says Irene Struber, head of portfolio management audiology, Sennheiser. "Those who love to enjoy life to the fullest can now continue to demand more, even as their personal hearing needs change."

Users can tailor the RS 2000 and RS 5000 TV headphones to meet their individual needs through controls such as volume and balance. The products' LED indicators communicate battery status and the operational status of the headphones. 

Sennheiser RS 2000, RS 5000 Specs

The RS 2000 TV headphones provide a wireless operational range of 164 feet (50 meters), while the RS 5000 TV headphones deliver wireless distances up to 229 feet (70 meters).

The RS 2000 headphones' battery provides up to nine hours of battery life, and the RS 5000 delivers up to 12 hours of battery life.

The RS 5000 offers additional features that include three hearing profiles to further customize the listening experience of music or video content and a speech intelligibility function that makes dialog clearer by reducing TV background noise. 

Other design elements of the headphones include below-the-chin designs with bows engineered for long-term, comfortable wear. The products' base stations are designed to minimally impact their surroundings.

Sennhesier says when the headphones are docked and charging, they take up a small footprint. 

What's in the Box?

  • Headphone with built-in Li-Pol rechargeable battery
  • Docking station
  • 1 pair of ear pads for small ears
  • Power supply unit with country adapters for EU, UK, US and AUS
  • TV Connection cable for 3,5mm headphone audio out
  • TV Optical cable for digital audio out
  • Instruction manual

Sennheiser says the RS 2000 retails for $180 while the RS 5000 retails for $250. See photos.

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