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Q&A: How Apollo Enclosures Can Save You Money on Outdoor Projects

Lynn Stearn of Apollo Enclosures says using a flat-panel display and enclosure in your outdoor installations, instead of an outdoor TV, can provide significant cost savings.

Q&A: How Apollo Enclosures Can Save You Money on Outdoor Projects
Superior gaskets in Apollo Enclosures' TightSeal technology protect a TV from dust, rain and insects.

CE Pro Editors · April 3, 2017

The outdoor AV market is having a moment. A recent Houzz study found that outdoor projects are becoming more and more common, and nearly three out of four homeowners hire professionals for their outdoor upgrades. CE Pro spoke with Lynn Stearn, president of Apollo Enclosures, about how integrators can reap the benefits of flat-panel displays with outdoor enclosures.

What did you learn about outdoor video during your time at SunBriteTV?

I was fortunate to be there when the outdoor TV category was created by Larry Kaiser in 2004.

Although it had the immediate “cool” factor, it was pricey and the acceptance of outdoor TV was first embraced by early adopters in technology and the more affluent customer for residential installations.

"Today, outdoor TV is an established category with many players ... but pricing on dedicated outdoor TVs is still pretty high."
— Lynn Stearn, Apollo Enclosures

We watched as outdoor video became the latest frontier of home entertainment as families came together. There is pride in ownership of an outdoor TV.

Its quality transferred easily to the commercial side as they were installed into stadiums, theme parks, restaurants and resorts across the country. Customer experiences in commercial venues were heightened by video wherever they went outdoors, providing constant engagement and never missing a moment in entertainment or information they provided.

We watched as the craze caught on and the category grew. It was natural, even for a niche seasonal product.

Today, outdoor TV is an established category with many players but pricing on dedicated outdoor TVs is still pretty high.

What's the biggest advantage of using an Apollo enclosure, along with a flat-panel TV in an outdoor environment?

Simple—personalization. An Apollo enclosure allows customers to make any TV into an outdoor TV by selecting the TV technology of their choice—HD, 4K UHD, 4K UHD/HDR—or a high bright digital display keeping the customer in control of the quality of image they want.

It also offers a savings of up to 50 percent or more.

Lynn Stearn, president of Apollo Enclosures, says her company's products can be used in residential and commercial installations.

One of the biggest issues still for most end users is the high cost of outdoor TV. With the descending price points of LED TVs, the total cost of an LED TV and an Apollo enclosure will assure a savings from minimally 20 percent to more than 50 percent depending on the model or specification.

In a time of economic challenges, having a stylish, reliable and cost effective solution to create your outdoor oasis makes the buying decision an easy one.

Finally, the solution is obsolescence proof. When you think about purchasing an outdoor TV, you know the day you buy it that you are stuck with that technology for as long as it lasts.

In a world of constant changing technologies, an Apollo enclosure and LED TV allows you the ability to update your technology whenever you want while always having a weatherproof enclosure to protect your investment.

In addition, for commercial applications, ongoing maintenance is far less expensive because of the low cost of replacement TVs vs. the high cost of replacement or repair of a dedicated outdoor TV.

Performance-wise, how does the combination of an enclosure and a flat-panel TV compare to an outdoor TV? 

Today, flat-panel TVs are available with both high brightness features and IPS technology, which prevents the flat panel display from going isotropic (going black) when exposed to direct sunlight. 

You are able, with these features, to have the ultimate outdoor TV solution when combining them with an Apollo enclosure. If these features aren’t required due to shaded area installations, then the customer can simply select the latest technology flat-panel TV that suits his needs, including HD, 4K UHD, 4K HDR.

Also, many brands of flat panel TVs (residential or commercial grade) offer additional technology options not available in dedicated outdoor TVs such as WI-FI, web apps, social network integration (Facebook and Twitter), Dolby sound or built-in software for digital signage applications to give the customer far more choices for outdoor viewing and entertainment that more accurately meets their needs all at a bigger savings.

Can Apollo enclosures and a flat-panel display be used for commercial installations too?

Absolutely. The Apollo enclosure is constructed of the same quality materials as an outdoor TV—lightweight powder coated aluminum, AR safety glass, filtered airflow and watertight cabinetry.

"An Apollo enclosure allows customers to make any TV into an outdoor TV by selecting the TV technology of their choice, like 4K UHD ... It also offers a savings of up to 50 percent or more."
— Lynn Stearn, Apollo Enclosures

The TV technology is available from low cost flat panel, to high bright digital displays, which definitely meet the needs of any commercial environment.

In many instances, larger venues have master contracts with major TV brand manufacturers and can now expand the usage of the flat-panel TVs purchased for indoors to outdoors with our enclosures. That brings a significant budget reduction compared to dedicated outdoor TVs.

How does Apollo build its enclosures to ensure long-term performance? 

We redefined the enclosure category by designing an enclosure that was sleek, slim and manufactured with quality components and features. 

Lightweight powder coated aluminum construction is ideal for any outdoor environment, the anti-reflective safety glass protects the TV in the enclosure, reduces reflection and increases contrast ratio. 

Thermostatic control and filtered airflow ensure control of internal temperature control from -4 degrees to 122 degrees. 

Superior gaskets in our TightSeal technology protect the TV from dust, rain and insects. 

The pairing of weatherproof mounting options makes for a fully weatherproof solution. Style, quality construction and functionality are our best assets and not very much to go wrong.

What type of labor process is required for the installation process?

The Apollo Enclosure was designed with the customer in mind. There is an installation video illustrating a straight forward instruction for virtually anyone to assemble. 

There are a few simple steps to follow in attaching the TV to the back panel, attaching to the mount, verification of operation, and once confirmed, placing on the front cover that securely closed with two screws.

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