Panamax VT4315-PRO wins CE Pro Best Award

The world’s first full featured IP-controlled vertical rackmount power conditioner delivers performance and protection in a space-saving form-factor.

October 26, 2016

Core Brands began shipping the Panamax VT4315-PRO power conditioner this summer and the positive response to this new direction for power management was immediate. And last month at CEDIA the CE Pro editors awarded the VT4315-PRO with a CE Pro Best Award.

The product grew out of discussions with dealers about how they were using Panamax’s power conditioners in equipment racks. Integrators reported that a common use for the Panamax VT-EXT vertical rack strip was to extend the protection and filtration from an existing Panamax power conditioner in the rack. Most commonly, this would be the brand’s flagship M4315-PRO conditioner.  So Panamax took the M4315-PRO’s AC surge protection, line filtering, IP-controlled power management, and signal-side protection and designed it into a vertical form factor to attach to the back of the rack.

The unit will fit on a rack 24RU and above and comes with mounting brackets that can be installed in multiple orientations. The brackets include custom plastic adhesive gaskets for ground isolation between the chassis and the rack. This allows integrators flexibility to place the VT4315-PRO in an ideal position on the rack for easy and clean cable management. The back of the rack location frees up valuable space in the front of the rack.

The Panamax design team added four more outlets. The VT4315-PRO’s 12 outlets are organized in 8 controllable banks, with 4 individually controlled outlets and 4 controlled duplex pairs. New features on the software side include more customization available on the start-up/shut-down and power cycling configurations that trigger when someone does a physical hard-reboot, ideal for managing network devices.

The flagship-level performance starts with Panamax’s Protect-or-Disconnect surge protection – including signal side protection, plus Automatic Voltage Monitoring (AVM) to protect connected equipment against over and under-voltage situations. What many dealers and most consumers don’t realize is that over- and under-voltage situations are actually more common than catastrophic spikes, and over time inflict wear and tear on electronic equipment. To maximize performance of AV gear, the VT4315-PRO also employs LiFT™ Linear Filtering Technology.

For remote power management, the VT4315-PRO is BlueBOLT™ enabled. The BlueBOLT platform allows integrators to remotely reboot problem components to resolve on-site issues without a service call. That’s the most common use, but BlueBOLT™ cloud technology delivers additional features that can be accessed from any web enabled device, and from anywhere in the world. As mentioned, the VT4315-PRO enables control and monitoring over devices connected to its 8 banks – that’s 12 connected devices, with 4 individually controlled and the other 8 controlled in duplex pairs.

Panamax plays an important role in the Core Brands connected home strategy, providing power protection and management that make’s the integrator’s job easier while protecting their customer’s valuable electronics. It’s real value for integrators and end-users alike. The VT4315-PRO is $649.95 MSRP, and is available at

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