NuVo Adds, Rhapsody to Music Port, Music Port Elite

Customers will experience additional variety and an interactive way to further engage with music.

NuVo Adds, Rhapsody to Music Port, Music Port Elite
NuVo's Music Port audio server can now stream Rhapsody and
CE Pro Editors · February 20, 2012

NuVo Technologies has announced the accessibility of music subscription services and Rhapsody via its Music Port and Music Port Elite audio server devices. assesses a listener’s musical taste through the individual’s song selections (both online and digitally stored on the user’s computer or other devices), and uses that profile to recommend new music from its own vast and varied catalog. Accessing this service through the four simultaneous source streams of the Music Port components offers NuVo customers not only additional variety, but an interactive way to further engage with music.

Additionally, the servers have added Rhapsody, the No. 1 online music subscription service which hosts a catalog of over 13 million songs.

NuVo president and CEO David Rodarte comments, “These services are a joy, and a resource, for music fans and enthusiasts. A person’s preference evolves, both over time and through exposure to new material. It is an exciting opportunity for us to become a bigger part of a user’s evolving relationship with music, by providing even more services that stream such extensive music libraries and foster new artist discoveries. NuVo’s not just about hearing the music you already love, but about finding the music you are going to love next.”

Access to these additional features requires the latest versions of NuVo firmware: 3.0.10794.0 for the Music Port (MPS4) and 3.0.10796.0 Music Port Elite (MPS4-E).

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