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Lift Mechanisms for TVs and Monitors: Way Beyond Typical Wall Mounts

A little more “wow” factor

Lift Mechanisms for TVs and Monitors: Way Beyond Typical Wall Mounts

September 26, 2017

With so many technology advancements happening inside the electronic guts of new TVs and flat-panel monitors, many system designers and installers find themselves needing a little more “wow” factor on the outside. It’s not that typical wall mounts aren’t practical, but they’re not exactly awe-inspiring either.

Consider this: A TV lift mechanism might be the perfect secret ingredient—a functional design option that showcases both your practicality and creativity. From large entertainment rooms to small space-challenged areas like boats or RVs, a recessed ceiling mount, hidden cabinet mount or 360-degree swivel can showcase your skill and thoughtfulness. More and more, spaces like bedrooms, boardrooms and businesses are incorporating these devices as integral components.

In the U.S., with new gotta-have features and falling prices, consumers are replacing their sets less than five years after purchase. Now, with 4K on the verge of mainstream acceptance, many 2012–2015 panels will be the targets of their owners’ desires for upgrades.

Fortunately, a high-quality lift mechanism is largely future-proof. Here’s why:

  • A good lift mechanism can provide more than 15 years of daily use, maintenance-free.
  • Swapping out an older set for a new one takes literally minutes.
  • The owner’s investment in architecture, system design, interior design and installation is preserved, especially as flat panels get lighter.

Just as many quality levels exist for typical wall mounts (some verging on awful), there’s a wide range in lift mechanisms, too. However, with the potential complexity of custom design/build systems, exceptional quality and longevity becomes a requirement. That’s why it’s important to consider TV lift mechanisms engineered for nearly silent function, easy (and safe) consumer operation and long-term reliability. The internal electronics should include both thermal and overload protection for additional safety. Of course, because simple installation is critical, units that ship nearly fully assembled save time and hassle. Finally, look for a substantial guarantee against defects or malfunction as a way to ensure you’ve made the right choice.

For your next installation, show your clients options in TV lifts. They’ll appreciate your creative consideration in building a solution that unobtrusively stands out from all the rest. For more information and idea-starters, head to tvliftcabinet.com.

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