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How Sonance Came up With EQ Presets for New Sonamp DSP Amps

ISE 2015: Introducing Sonance’s technology-packed 1U 8x130 DSP amp with high-resolution DAC. EQ presets selected from SonARC drop-down menu get you 95% there.

New Sonamp DSP amps with DSP and DACs include SonARC software with preset EQs.

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Julie Jacobson · February 19, 2015

Dana Innovations has been focusing on its Sonance in-wall speakers lately, along with its TruFIG architectural flush-mounting system.

But these days the company is highlighting its amplifiers with a new range of Sonamp DSP products featuring 40 EQ presets optimized for most installations of any Sonance speaker products (Architectural Series, Invisible Series, Visual Performance Series, woofers, subwoofers, SLS).

At ISE 2015 last week in Amsterdam, we caught up with Dana Innovations CEO Ari Supran and CTO Rob Roland for the latest news from Sonance.

First, Sonance has been on a mission to promote more dispersed audio, recommending multiple small speakers (image) in any given space versus a couple of big-honking models (image).

The paradigm provides “a perfect balance between aesthetics and performance,” Supran says, adding that Sonance’s 3.5-inch speaker line has represented the “fastest-growing category for years.”

He likens the concept to lighting: “You don’t just put them in for specific functions but also to fill in the space—to even it out with no hot spots.”

And now that Sonance has both the speakers and in-wall subwoofers with a 3.5-inch opening, “we can offer complete solutions,” according to Supran.

In fact, Sonance offers even more complete solutions than speakers and subs, thanks to its storied Sonamp amplifiers, which are getting a major facelift this quarter.

SonARQ EQ Software

The new DSP-enabled amps include SonARC (Sonance Advanced Room Correction) software, which offers hundreds of EQ presets designed specifically for Sonance speakers and available via simple pull-down menus.

No mics and time-consuming EQ adjustments required.


“Most residential installers don’t take the time to set up EQ,” says Supran, “so we created presets that can get them 85- to 95-percent there.”

Sonance tested all of its speakers in multiple rooms. The engineers averaged out the EQ curves to create the presets.

Dealers simply select the products used via a drop-down menu to lock in the presents. Further adjustments can be made through SonARC’s 10-band parametric EQ.

In the future, dealers will be able to download additional presets that consider the size of the space and characteristics such as bright rooms, dead rooms, different finishes or thickness of plaster on Invisible speakers, and high ceilings.

DSP Sonamp Amps

Now, take SonARC software provided with the DSP amps and add a high-resolution DAC … and you have some of the most efficient audio products on the market.

Sonance is launching two new products in the line, the DSP 2-150 ($900) and 8-130 ($2,750). In addition, the company is planning a 70-volt version (DSP 2-750) for its landscape speakers. Previously, Sonance had been using amps from Crown.

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CTO Rob Roland thinks the new DSP 8-130, with eight channels at 130 Watts RMS per channel (all channels driven @ 8 Ohms), is the most compact eight-channel amp on the market, considering it consumes just one rack space and includes both DSP and a DAC.

The 93-percent efficiency means you can stack the units in a rack, right on top of the other, with no fans required, according to Roland.

Supran adds that the Sonance 8x130 with DSP and SonARC software means “you don’t need unique amps for every speaker.”

He explains, “It can take any rooms, any types of speakers, any kind of subwoofers.”

The built-in 24 bit/96K DAC is built for high-resolution audio (HRA), capable of handling a full 4608 kbps of audio data.

According to Sonance:

Most amplifiers have processing limitations that constrain the audio output, and limit the maximum amount of pass-through information to 1411 Kbps which compromises the quality of the listening experience. The new line of Sonamp DSP amplifiers enables listeners to enjoy the full clarity and output of whatever audio passes through, from MP3 to full High Resolution Audio.

The new amps are controllable via IP and allow audio, voltage, IR and IP triggers.

More details on Sonamp DSP
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