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Harman’s JBL Synthesis Brand Updates SDP-75 Surround Processor

JBL Synthesis has revamped its SDP-75 Surround Processor with features like the Trinnov Optimizer room equalization suite.

Harman’s JBL Synthesis Brand Updates SDP-75 Surround Processor
JBL Synthesis is shipping a new version of its SDP-75 Surround Processor that includes Trinnov's Optimizer room equalization engine, as well as Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro 3D processing.

Robert Archer · July 4, 2017

Almost no one has done more to educate the electronics industry on the importance of room acoustics than Harman's Floyd Toole. Leveraging the knowledge base that Toole has provided the custom installation industry, Harman's JBL Synthesis brand has announced that it has added several new features to its SDP-75 Surround Processor, including Trinnov's Optimizer engine room equalization suite. 

JBL says it plans to provide loudspeaker anechoic EQ and a new HDMI board that will pass all of the commercially available 4K consumer video formats without signal degradation.

The brand is also working on an upgrade program for existing SDP-75 processors that are in the field. These updates will be made available for free to dealers.

About the JBL Synthesis SDP-75 Surround Processor EQ

Explaining the inclusion of the Trinnov Optimizer engine in its newly updated SDP-75 processor, JBL Synthesis says that electronics professionals can use the room-equalization package, which has been adapted for use, as part of a Harman complete system ecosystem.

Integrators can use the processor and Trinnov technologies in tandem with JBL Synthesis and Revel speakers with the processor's included advanced EQ presets and loudspeaker configurations.

The Northridge, Calif.-based company also states the remodeled processor eliminates unnecessary analog-to-digital (A to D) and digital-to-analog (D to A) converters to save the expense of external SDEC equalizer hardware depending on the channel count.

JBL will also provide existing customers with one or more of its SDEC equalizers the ability convert to the Trinnov Optimizer engine for free.

The West Coast company also explains the physical setup of the SDP-75 Surround Processor will change. JBL Synthesis says the newly redesigned processor will utilize a custom eight-channel DB-25 cable to mini-phoenix interconnect cable to connect to its SDA Amplifier

In addition, JBL Synthesis notes that based on research and blind-listening tests, it is incorporating a new room correction target curve that offers integrators improvements over its ARCOS target.

Other options now available include the ability to expand channel counts levels to configurations such as 24 and 32 channels. The channel expansion options become more important when utilizing multiple subwoofers or bi-amplified speaker configurations, according to the company.

A little further down the horizon, JBL Synthesis says that it is working on new HDMI video boards that will support HDMI 2.0b, including HDR and formats such as HDR10 and Dolby Vision, as well as  HDCP 2.2, 6G/600MHz video with seven inputs and two outputs. JBL Synthesis points out the current versions of the SDP-75 can pass Ultra HD 4K video via input one and output two, and with a separate breakout box, dealers can provide full Ultra HD 4K performance without any limitations. 

Moreover, the Trinnov-equipped product also ships with Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro 3D object-based surround sound capabilities.  

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