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Hands On: Parasound Z Series Preamplifier and Amp

Setting up the equipment was pretty simple, and the image sounded full with a crisp attack that produced sharp and detailed midrange.

Robert Archer · February 17, 2012

I’ve always viewed San Francisco-based Parasound as a company whose goal has been to deliver products that combine audiophile performance with price points that are much less than typical audiophile fare.

Parasound’s Z Series of products meets both criteria. The Z Series fits in somewhere between Parasound’s traditional audiophile products and its home theater line, and it can be used for whole-house audio or today’s new wave of compact, desktop audio systems.

The components paired together only take up 1U of space mounted within a rack, and if used as standalone devices they only require minimal area of a desk or table.

Parasound says the Series ZampV.3 two-channel zone amplifier is rated to deliver 45 watts per channel into an 8-ohm load when configured for stereo and 90 watts into an 8-ohm load if bridged for mono output.

The two-channel zone Zpre2 preamplifier offers four audio and four composite video inputs, as well as a 12-volt trigger in/outs and RS-232 options for control. For desktop use it also includes a front-panel headphone jack and manual controls that offer basic operational parameters.

I set up the amp and preamp with a pair of Atlantic Technology 1400 LR speakers, a Denon universal disc player and an iPhone cradle. Hooking this gear up was pretty simple: I used a couple of pairs of RCA cables to connect the preamp to the amp, and the disc player to the preamp. Next I ran a set of speaker cables to the speakers, which were set on 24-inch stands.

I finished by running an RCA-to-3.5mm mini-pin cable to my iPhone cradle and verified the connections, which included hook-ups to the variable inputs on the preamp, and the gain settings and stereo operation switch on the amp.

After a break-in period, I started to listen to a variety of CDs and was immediately impressed by how focused the system sounded.

The system produced a pretty neutral tone and a nice soundstage. Using my iPhone as my main source I listened to everything from AAC files of Pink and Kid Rock and AIFF files of Ozzy Osbourne. The image sounded full, with a crisp attack that produced sharp and detailed midrange.

On Guns n Roses’ Appetite for Destruction, for example, the midrange clarity allowed guitar chords to ring clearly with well-defined authority that complemented Axl Rose’s vocals nicely.

Being completely impressed hearing the Parasound gear through the Atlantic Tech speakers, I swapped in a pair of Monitor Audio Platinum Series PL 100 models. Both have an 88dB sensitivity rating, but the Monitor demands more current with its 4-ohm impedance.

Driving the Monitors, I never thought of the ZampV.3 as being small; it sounded right at home fueling a reference type of speaker like the PL100s. The amp never seemed to run out of juice and it maintained its composure throughout my test of the Monitor/Parasound configuration. The combination created much more space within the image than the Parasounds did with the more cost-friendly Atlantic Techs. The MSRP for the ZampV.3 is $300 while the MSRP for the Zpre2 is $350.

It was difficult having to return the Parasound review products. They sounded great, they’re space friendly and they can be used for just about anything other than a huge home theater.

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