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Focal Merges with Naim Audio

Merger creates new company, Focal & Co, that will own and manage Focal and Naim as independent brands.

Steve Crowe · August 19, 2011

High-end audio brands Focal and Naim are merging to create a new company called Focal & Co. The new company will own and manage Focal and Naim as independent brands.

Focal & Co will employ 325 people at its facilities in Saint-Etienne, France, and Salisbury, UK. The research & development teams of Focal and Naim will be brought together.

This announcement comes just days after Naim announced its latest product, the SuperUniti network music system.

“For future success, the key point is that there is no future for a speaker or electronic company alone,” says Jacques Mahul, founder and chairman Focal & Co. “Partnership and collaboration are the way forward both in terms of investment and R&D. Working together means you can go more quickly and successfully whilst remaining true to the respective brands.”

Focal designs drivers dedicated to hi-fi loudspeakers, and also car audio hi-fi systems and professional monitors. It’s a market leader in France and exports to Europe, North America and Southeast Asia.

Naim specializes in hi-fi systems and has been based in Salisbury since its foundation 35 years ago. Naim exports over 60 percent of its output, mainly across Europe and Asia.

Focal & Co issued a Q&A covering the major issues of the merger. Here are some of the highlights:

Why have the two companies merged?
It’s a merger of European minds. We share a passion for audio and together we can move to the next level. We can achieve far more together than would have been possible alone, yet at the same time we are able to retain everything that is unique about Naim/Focal and everything that our customers love us for.

We have some incredible developments in the pipeline and this alliance will help us get those to market as quickly as possible.

Was Naim in financial trouble? Is this a rescue?
Absolutely not. Naim has enjoyed successive years of strong growth and is a very successful company in its own right. It was very important to us that we find a strong performing partner to team up with.

Will there be job losses? – Where and how many?
Quite the opposite. This is all about growth and expanding our team. If you are a great audio engineer or designer, there will be no better place to be. Give us a call!

Will the two production sites be integrated over time?
No. We will keep both sites and develop them further. It is important for us to retain manufacturing facilities in the UK and France.

Will the brands remain separate?
Absolutely – retaining their unique philosophies and product ranges.

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