ELAN UltraMatrix Simplifies Big Installations

The UltraMatrix Switchers cut installation time and wiring runs to reduce installed costs.

ELAN gMV1616

June 1, 2016

UltraMatrix Audio & Video Matrix Switchers

The new UltraMatrix™ Audio & Video Matrix Switchers from ELAN delivers unprecedented flexibility for installers, sending HDMI, Ethernet, serial and IR signals over a single cable. Let’s take a look at the new line to learn more about this time-saving single chassis solution.

Solving integrators’ problems

A typical large audio/video installation requires a lot of components and connections, and each additional connection adds to installation time and costs. The UltraMatrix line is designed to simplify the connection and distribution of high performance audio and video gear. It lets dealers reduce both time and costs related to large installations, while gaining flexibility to meet client needs.

Simplified system configuration

All three chassis in the line are built for the ELAN Control Platform and leverage the ELAN Configurator, which is already designed for speed. With ELAN, system configuration is streamlined. For example, once the zone and source parameters are configured, ELAN’s software maps the connections for you, again saving time and simplifying your installation.  All have the ability to carry HDMI, Ethernet, serial and IR signals over a single cable via HDBaseT.


SoCal installation using the UltraMatrix™ with multiple theaters and 20 audio zones.


Plenty of inputs and outputs

No installer ever seems to have enough source inputs and zone outputs. The number of sources in today’s homes is continuing to grow, so even the best engineered products often run short of inputs. And zone outputs are important as well. With so many source devices utilizing only HDMI, or digital audio, connections distributing these sources can become costly. The cost added in extra hardware, manpower, and programming may even become a barrier for the end user. The UltraMatrix offers numerous inputs and outputs, and more importantly, the flexibility to route the source inputs to virtually any zone output, thus eliminating the additional costs typically incurred. The goal is to help dealers create exceptional entertainment experiences for clients.

Video sources like satellite, cable and Blu-ray are commonly used as sources to a home’s audio system. Whether it’s to play the big game through the architectural speakers around the house or to use those same speakers in place of the TV speakers, making the connection from video source to the audio zone can take time and involve lots of additional parts. With lip sync adjustments available on a zone and source basis to account for timing issues caused by distributing video signals the UltraMatrix takes what used to be time-consuming and confusing and makes it simple. Using ELAN’s Configuration Software large scale projects can be configured quickly – in minutes, not hours.

Music Matters

ELAN understands that the music matters, and the UltraMatrix offers audio input options to accommodate virtually any audio signal. Want to send audio from your iTunes library through the whole house speakers using the HDMI output on your AppleTV? No problem, the UltraMatrix HDMI Audio Breakout feature extracts the audio signal from the HDMI signal and allows it to be sent to any number of zone outputs. Want to use that Blu-Ray player in the family room as a CD player to send audio throughout the whole house speakers? No problem, the UltraMatrix Audio Return Program (ARP) feature allows for a source located in a remote zone to send audio back to the head-end equipment location for distribution to any number of zone outputs. Whether using HDMI Audio Breakout or Audio Return Program, the UltraMatrix delivers a simple path for our soundtracks to reach the rest of the house. You are covered whether it is a reel to reel, 8 track, CD changer, cable box or AppleTV©. The UltraMatrix™ automatically automatically converts digital signals to analog, allowing the signals to pass seamlessly between amplifiers.

The three models in the line

The UltraMatrix line features three chassis: The gMV64 has 6 HDMI Inputs and 4 HDMI HDBaseT/HDMI Outputs with 34 audio input paths and 20 audio output paths. The gMV88 has 8 HDMI Inputs and 8 HDMI HDBaseT/HDMI Outputs with 56 audio input paths, 40 audio output paths. The largest in the line, the gMV1616 has 16 HDMI Inputs and 16 HDMI HDBaseT/HDMI Outputs with 72 audio input paths, 64 audio output paths.

Visit http://www.elanhomesystems.com/ultramatrix to learn more.

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