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A YouTube First: ALLie Camera Does Live, 360-degree, Interactive Video Like No One Else

IC Realtime, IC Real Tech, ALLie – whatever you call it – does 360-degree cameras like no one else, which is why it is the only live-streaming immersive-video platform for YouTube and coming soon to home automation systems.

IC Realtime founder and CEO Matt Sailor demonstrates seamless integration of ALLie Camera's 360-degree interactive video with Facebook. The company announced the first live-streaming immersive video sharing for YouTube this week at NAB.

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Julie Jacobson · April 21, 2016

These days, a lot of consumer- and pro-oriented cameras provide 720-degree images, that is, 360 degrees up/down and left/right. Most of them can de-warp and stitch together images to make them appear fluid. And some of them can integrate with popular home automation systems.

But surveillance pioneer IC Realtime – known also as IC Real Tech and ALLie, depending on the product line – offers truly unique technology that makes it a natural for platform for such services as YouTube and Facebook, as well as smart-home systems like (hypothetically) Control4, Crestron and Savant.

In fact, the company announced at NAB this week a partnership with YouTube that enables any user to upload and live-stream immersive video on the site.

This is an incredible feat to be able to view and virtually wander through a venue in real time … and listen to audio corresponding to the virtual user’s vantage point. Imagine concerts … parties … operating rooms … break-ins.

Facebook implemented IC Realtime’s immersive-sharing feature last year (shown in video above), and soon it will be coming to popular home-control systems. But YouTube’s live streaming is a first.

In all cases the video, captured with dual panoramic cameras, arrives online or in-app already de-warped (flattened out, without fisheye-type distortion) and stitched together (melding images from two cameras into one seamless image).

“No one else does this,” according to IC Realtime founder and CEO Matt Sailor, during ISC West 2016, the big security conference held earlier this month.

VIDEO: Since YouTube can do live interactive-video, then so can we. Scroll around through downtown Miami. 

One reason is that IC Real handles video processing on the camera itself, which is why its products tend to be more expensive than comparable products that offload much of the processing to the cloud, NVR or some other service outside the camera housing.

“With the others, de-warping is post-production,” says Sailor. “Ours is native. We do it on-the-fly. The only way we can do what we do is to handle the de-warping and stitching in the camera itself.”

All that processing otherwise would bog down smart phones, cloud services or other apps and platforms that typically perform video manipulations. Alternatively, processing is often performed locally via an NVR or PC appliance, but that means the live immersive video is not available when the camera goes mobile.

From Pro to Consumer

These days, mobility is a key tenet of IC Realtime, which started life in the professional video surveillance market, and moved into the home and personal realm a couple of years ago under the new IC Real Tech umbrella. From there, the ALLie brand was born and the company’s first consumer products were launched.

The flagship ALLie Camera with WiFi (specs here) retails for $499 and includes 24-hour cloud storage for a one-year period (normally $6.95/month for 24-hour storage; $9.95/month for 48 hours; $12.95/month for 72 hours).

To integrate seamlessly within Facebook and YouTube, the sites run special ALLie software created just for them. The user need not download an app to enjoy the immersive video, just look for thumbnails that include a 360-degree icon or some other designation that the video can be manipulated via your mouse, smart phone or virtual reality headset.

Sailor demonstrated this capability in a private suite at ISC, where he pulled up specially tagged videos on Facebook and played them within Facebook’s own app, moving his phone around to view different angles from an ALLie Camera.


Check Out IC Realtime and ALLie Camera Gallery

This feature will be coming soon to select home automation systems, so that the user can view and navigate video from within a smart-home app. As with Facebook and YouTube, the home-automation vendors will have to embed some software into their systems to be able to incorporate interactive video.

Imagine: You receive an alert that motion has been detected at the home, at which point a live immersive image appears on your smartphone, from which you can view the area, turn on the lights, trigger a siren or unlock the doors remotely for police access.

IC Realtime has not announced its first home-control partners for live interactive 360-degree video, but the company did demonstrate its products with Savant at ISC, if for no other reason than Savant also exhibited at the security show.

Such partnerships make sense for IC Realtime, which is already entrenched in the security camp and popular among home-technology integrators.

The combination of security, virtual reality, social networking and A/V expands opportunities for both channels, Sailor says.

For professional security dealers and technology integrators, IC Realtime offers the IC720 camera with richer features than its ALLie counterpart.

Or You Could Always Do it THIS Way...

The old way (5 days ago) of doing live 360 ...

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