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Introducing our simple and affordable connected home solution, Caséta Wireless light control, Lutron Smart Bridge Pro and the Lutron app:

  • Caséta Wireless dimmers: in-wall and plug-in lamp dimmers that work with dimmable LEDs/CFLs/incandescent/halogen bulbs
  • Pico® remote controls: battery-powered (10-year battery life); hand-held, tabletop or wall-mounted options
  • Lutron Smart Bridge Pro: plugs directly into a home’s Wi-Fi router and is easily paired with the new Lutron app; integrates with select top brand security systems and A/V remote controls

Together, the Lutron app and Smart Bridge Pro allow end-users to adjust lights and battery-powered Serena® and Triathlon® shades from anywhere using a smart phone or tablet.

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