How to Layer with Linear Light to Boost Lighting Revenues by 40%


MODERATOR:  Jason Knott, Chief Content Officer, CEPro

PRESENTERS:  David Warfel, Lighting Can Help You & Jennifer Kirkpatrick, American Lighting

RUN LENGTH:  1 hour

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CE pros are moving swiftly to capture market share in the lighting fixture business, but are they leaving large sums of money on the table? Downlights are only half of the fixture story and CE businesses that recognize the potential of linear lighting can see as much as 40% per-project revenue growth.

Linear lighting solutions, often referred to as tape light, include a staggering array of tools for more than just cove lighting and undercabinet lighting. Lighting pros love the unbeatable flexibility of linear light for illuminating entire rooms, wall washing, grazing stone and tile, and adding eye-catching accents in surprising places. Linear lighting can differentiate your business, if you know how.

In this fast-paced, FREE CE Pro webcast sponsored by American Lighting, renowned lighting expert David Warfel of
Light Can Help You will go behind the scenes and illustrate how his team is using more and more linear lighting in high end homes and commercial projects and share how CE businesses are showcasing linear lighting in their showrooms to boost sales.

Among the takeaways for attendees will be:

  • How to blend downlighting with linear lighting for a comprehensive design
  • Why color-changing linear lighting is a huge opportunity and why controls matter
  • The importance of protected lighting vendors and keeping the specification

Wednesday, October 6, 2 p.m. Eastern

  • David Warfel, founding designer, Lighting Can Help You
  • Jennifer Kirkpatrick, national sales manager, residential, American Lighting
How to Layer with Linear Light to Boost Lighting Revenues by 40%

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