Biophilia and the Big Wellness Opportunity for Smart-Home Pros

If you’ve never heard of biophilia … you will start seeing it everywhere once you watch this CE Pro Wellness Webinar, focusing on big opportunities for smart-home and -building pros to simulate nature using technology (biomimicry, or biodigitry).


MODERATOR:  Julie Jacobson, founding editor, CE Pro


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Wellness Webinar

Research over the past decade is persuasive and exciting for technology integrators, confirming the health benefits of bringing nature indoors through such technologies as human-centric (circadian) lighting, air purification, virtual skylights and windows, motorized shades, aromatherapy, sounds and sights of forests and streams, climate controls and more.

Preliminary research by CE Pro indicates more than half of home technologists consider themselves well-versed or very well-versed in human-centric (circadian) lighting, but the figures drop significantly for other elements of biophilic design and wellness.

Presenter Julie Jacobson, who has been the champion of biophilia in the smart-home channel for a year, believes smart-home and building-controls integrators will be the #1 channel for these technologies in the coming years.

In this Webinar, you will learn:

  • Scientific research touting the health benefits of biophilic and wellness-related technologies.
  • Product categories and vendors that can be incorporated into an entire wellness ecosystem.
  • The business case for biophilia and wellness in homes and buildings
  • Case studies by home- and commercial-controls specialists
  • Preview of wellness-related solutions at CEDIA Expo 2019
  • The terminology and science behind circadian rhythms and the important role integrators can play in supporting these biological clocks.

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