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VisionArt Galleries - Custom TV Concealment System

By Keri · January 1, 2018 • Elegantly disguise your TV with VisionArt, a custom framed fine-art print on motorized canvas.  VisionArt art canvases retract and conceal with the touch of a button on any integrated system within a home and can accommodate recessed. . .

Now you See Tech; Now You Don’t

By CE Pro Editors · November 30, 2017 • When a home owner wants to hide the technology required for a smart home installation — including those giant TVs — that’s where custom integrators shine.

California Integrator Adds Easy Revenue Hiding a TV with VisionArt Custom Framing

By Chelsea Cafiero · May 4, 2017 • Some products take months to install, others go up in a matter of hours with a simple cut sheet taped to a wall. For integrator Sound Design Audio Video, custom artwork from VisionArt is the easiest part of an installation.