What if the Stranger Things Kids Weren’t Stuck with 1980s Technology?

By Robert Archer · November 9, 2017 • The "outdated" 1980s technology in Stranger Things contributes to the show's overall nostalgia, but how would the plot change if the kids battled evil with today's tech, instead?

Radial’s Hafler Brand Shipping PH50B and PH60B Phono Preamps

By Robert Archer · September 29, 2017 • The new Hafler PH50B is a moving magnet (MM) phono preamplifier, and the PH60B phono preamplifier offers the choice of MM and moving coil (MC) phono cartridge compatibility.

Talk about Luxury Audio, Magico Prices M6 Floorstanding Loudspeaker at $172,000/Pair

By Robert Archer · June 26, 2017 • The high-performance audio company Magico has introduced its new M6 floorstanding loudspeaker, which is a multi-driver, three-way product that stands just short of 5-feet tall and delivers a frequency response of 22Hz to 50kHz.

Hands On: EAT C Major Turntable Hits All the Right Notes

By Robert Archer · March 2, 2017 • C Major is a great way to put discerning music fans into a vinyl solution without the audiophile pricing of many turntables. Check out this exclusive CE Pro review.

Mark Levinson Announces No. 515 Turntable, First in 45-Year History

By Robert Archer · January 5, 2017 • The No.515 turntable is the first turntable worthy of bearing the Mark Levinson name, created in partnership with VPI Industries

New Rega Planar 2 Turntable Available Through Sound Organisation

By Robert Archer · July 20, 2016 • The Planar 2 is highlighted by the use of Rega's new RB220 tonearm and a new twin-phase 24-volt low noise motor that reduces vibration.

Tom Cruise, Jimmy Fallon Discuss 2-Channel Vinyl Listening Rooms

By Jason Knott · November 13, 2015 • A-list celeb and audiophile nerd Tom Cruise talks about how he referred Jimmy Fallon to build a 2-channel vinyl listening room with Synergistic Research cables, Magico speakers and McIntosh separates.

Millennials Driving New Consumer Audio Trends

By Robert Archer · October 29, 2015 • Millennials account for nearly half of all audio hardware spending ... and other research in the world of two-channel and home theater audio.

Flexson Floating VinylPlay Table Aids Record Sound Quality

By Robert Archer · October 20, 2015 • Designed to provide a safer, better means to play records, Flexson's VinylPlay is a reasonably priced shelf solution that dealers can use with the turntable installations.

Folk Legend Peter, Paul & Mary’s Noel Stookey: Vinyl Is a Fad

By Jason Knott · July 6, 2015 • Folk music legend Noel Paul Stookey of Peter, Paul & Mary says the resurgence of vinyl is a fad from an audio perspective, and that country music just might be the heart of music’s social consciousness today.

How Mastering Process Affects an Album’s Sound

By Robert Archer · April 11, 2013 • Steve Hoffman, a veteran Los Angeles mastering engineer, says the mastering process has more of an impact on sound quality than what format an album is distributed.

6 Mid-Priced Turntables That Satisfy an Analog Appetite

By Robert Archer · November 1, 2012 • Vinyl is fashionable once again and the burgeoning turntable market offers a lot of performance options that allow consumers to step beyond the entry level and into solutions that sound as good as they look.

Computer Designed Rega Turntable Loaded With Options

By Robert Archer · October 26, 2012 • Rega's RP6 turntable provides dealers with a step-up analog source solution that features its RB303 tonearm and a choice of options that include its TTPSU power supply and colored plinths and mats.

Ayre Builds upon its Digital Product Line up

By Robert Archer · October 17, 2012 • A few years ago the Colo.-based electronics manufacturer Ayre established a benchmark in was what then an emerging product category when it introduced its QB-9 DAC. The company has just released a complementary product to the QB-9 called the QA-9 USB ADC and it says this product can be used for professional or consumer applications that include the conversion of vinyl to digital files.

Cary Audio PH 302 MkII MM/MC phono preamplifier

By Robert Archer · July 26, 2012 • Cary Audio has recently introduced its latest phono preamp design with the release of its PH 302 MkII MM/MC Phono Preamplifier.

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