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25 Home Automation Projects on Crowdfunding: A Roundup

By Julie Jacobson · July 10, 2013 • How 25 smart home projects are faring on Kickstarter and elsewhere: smart bulbs, smart locks, energy management and other home automation (Julie Jacobson/CE Pro)

Ube WiFi Smart Dimmer Launches with Crowdfunding via Indiegogo

By Rachel Cericola · February 7, 2013 • Ube is inviting homeowners to get in on the ground floor on its new Smart Dimmer via the crowdfunding site Indiegogo. The Smart Dimmer can replace pretty much any light switch or dimmer and integrates with third-party control systems.

Utz Baldwin’s Ube Home Automation Tech Wins $1M Prize at Demo 2012

By Julie Jacobson · October 4, 2012 • Home control start-up Ube, founded by former CEDIA CEO Utz Baldwin, wins People's Choice Award at Demo 2012 and $1 million in advertising from IDG.

We Need Disruptive Business Practices, Not Disruptive Technology

By Julie Jacobson · October 4, 2012 • Plenty of home technology products are affordable, easy to use and simple to install. To reach millions of households, we need disruptive business models.

Former CEDIA CEO Launches Ad-Supported Home Automation Platform

By Julie Jacobson · October 2, 2012 • Utz Baldwin launches Ube cloud-enabled home automation system built around ‘the Internet of things.’ Chases 4 million subscribers to build critical mass for targeted advertising.