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For Networking Geeks Only: Why Router-on-a-Stick is Good

By Bjorn Jensen · July 11, 2019 • Router-on-a-stick (inter-VLAN) routing scheme can be very beneficial for security and network troubleshooting, so why do so many home-tech integrators categorically dismiss it for standard Layer 3 switches?

Ideal Networks Tester Analyzes Cat 6 Cables in 7 Seconds

By Robert Archer · July 5, 2019 • The Ideal Networks LanTEK IV cable tester is designed to help integrators test a variety of connections quickly and easily.

Wireless Networks Will Always be ‘Second Rate’ vs. Hardwired

By By Robert D'Addario · December 26, 2018 • Opinion: Wireless will never be the answer to network speed woes compared to hardwired, and and the experience of wireless will always be 'second rate.'

Mozilla’s Naughty-or-Nice List Rates Connected Devices on Privacy and Data Security

By Julie Jacobson · November 16, 2018 • Mozilla publishes second annual *Privacy Not Included list of connected smart-home and entertainment devices, and how they rank on privacy and cybersecurity. Enter the Creep-o-Meter.

Why Decide for One, When You Can Decide for More?

By Advertorial · June 21, 2017 • How to benefit from a variety of technologies.