New Terra Speakers are ‘Pretty Dead’ Thanks to Concrete, Recycled Materials

By Robert Archer · December 8, 2017 • LEED-friendly cabinets made of concrete and recycled materials make Terra's new Katahdin speakers "pretty dead" for audio, and pretty good for the environment.

How Technology Can Coexist with Green Building

By Jason Knott · October 23, 2015 • Integrator spends half as much time scoping and installing high-tech LEED-H Sunset Green Home project compared to conventional home.

USGBC Delays LEED Revision Until 2013

By Jason Knott · June 5, 2012 • The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) will delay LEED 2012 to June 1, 2013 to give the construction industry more time comment on revisions. New guidelines are renamed LEED v4.

New International Green Construction Code Unveiled

By Jason Knott · March 28, 2012 • 2012 International Green Construction Code (IgCC) to serve as a new model code to be adopted for state and local energy-efficient construction codes.

Building LEED Homes Can Be Dangerous to Your Staff?

By Jason Knott · February 23, 2012 • Study cites 50 percent more injuries among construction workers on LEED structures vs. traditional buildings, noting increased risk of electrical shock and ladder falls for lighting controls specifically.

USGBC LEED Automation Program is Misleading

By Jason Knott · October 5, 2011 • USGBC announces new partners for LEED Automation program, but it's all about software to get green-build certified and has nothing to do with home technology.

LEED Homes Sell Faster & for More Money

By Jason Knott · August 29, 2011 • Study reveals new LEED homes sell for 8% more, while existing LEED homes sell for 30% more. Energy efficient homes in general sell 18 days faster than comparable units.

Court Dismisses $100M Lawsuit Against U.S. Green Building Council

By Jason Knott · August 18, 2011 • The United States District Court in New York City today dismissed in its entirety the $100 million lawsuit brought against the U.S. Green Building Council

Inside a Green Housing Community

By CE Pro Editors · July 20, 2011 • Frankel Building Group constructs 58 LEED-certified, custom-built homes that feature Crestron automation systems.

Automating LEED Platinum Home on Tight Budget

By Jason Knott · July 18, 2011 • IES uses Elk Products' M1 controller to cost-effectively outfit central Virginia's first LEED platinum home with lighting control, energy management and security.

Miami Beach Dream Home: Scrapping LEED Certification

By Ron Callis · March 7, 2011 • Homeowner scraps idea of LEED-certified home to focus on "using the best technologies for an efficient home, inside and out."

Top 10 States for LEED Green Buildings

By Jason Knott · March 2, 2011 • USGBC pinpoints Washington D.C. and Nevada as the top locations for LEED-certified projects in 2010.

Miami Beach Dream Home: LEED Frustration

By Ron Callis · December 6, 2010 • Homeowner considers scraping idea of LEED home, saying "there is absolutely no benefit to me to reach LEED Silver Status."

Miami Beach Dream Home: Birth of a Project

By Ron Callis · November 2, 2010 • The idea behind this project is to help others better understand LEED, energy management and integration.

$100M Lawsuit Filed Against USGBC/LEED

By Jason Knott · October 20, 2010 • Alleges false advertising, monopoly tactics and LEED buildings are actually 29% less energy efficient than conventionally-built structures.

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