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Sonos Defeats Denon HEOS Again: Understanding the Patent Lawsuits

By Julie Jacobson · February 26, 2018 • Sonos seeks injunction and double damages for D&M's ‘willful infringement’ of Sonos patents in the Denon HEOS line. Judge invalidates another D&M patent. (Julie Jacobson)

Guess the Year: My CEDIA Expo Day Planner

By Julie Jacobson · August 20, 2012 • Guess which year I had CEDIA booth appointments with 3Com, Escient, Intel, Intellinet, Smart Corp. and Panja.

Sunfire: Another Media Server Bites the Dust

By Julie Jacobson · April 23, 2010 • TGM-100 movie and music server will be replaced with Elan G control system, which integrates with Sony 400-disc Blu-ray changer

Post-Escient: Let the Discounts Begin

By Julie Jacobson · April 8, 2010 • Vidabox takes advantage of the demise of Escient, Axonix, Xperinet. Are dedicated integration-friendly media servers dead?

D&M Exec on What’s to Become of Escient

By Julie Jacobson · April 7, 2010 • Bob Weissburg, president of D&M Holdings NA: Escient will no longer make standalone products but still support dealers and create technology for D&M and third-party brands

Goodbye, Escient and Snell

By Julie Jacobson · April 7, 2010 • Parent company D&M Holdings is dropping the media server and loudspeaker companies to focus on Denon, Marantz, Boston Acoustics and McIntosh

Escient Says Vision DVD Server Complies with DVD CCA and DMCA

By Julie Jacobson · December 19, 2007 • Ripped DVDs maintain copy protection; cannot leave the Escient network