Digital Rights

The Year in Free Speech, Privacy and Fair Use

By Julie Jacobson · January 5, 2012 • EFF looks back at major trends influencing digital rights, free expression, innovation and fair use, from WikiLeaks to Arab Spring to cell-phone search warrants.

Analog Sunset: CE Pros Weigh in

By Tom LeBlanc · July 7, 2010 • How concerned should integrators and consumers be about restrictions on component video outputs affecting Blu-ray players?

Student Seeks New Trial in Music Downloading Case

By Steve Crowe · January 5, 2010 • Joel Tenenbaum was ordered to pay record labels $675,000 for illegally downloading and sharing 30 songs.

The Art of Tele-Consulting

By Tom LeBlanc · November 13, 2009 • Placing systematic calls to existing clients to discuss small items like Apple TV may seem odd, but it results in upgrade sales worth as much as $10,000 for Maverick Integration. Creating project plans that are "detailed to the point of absurdity" seems, well, absurd, but it results in lifelong ties to architects and builders.

RealNetworks to Appeal Ruling on RealDVD Injunction

By Julie Jacobson · October 11, 2009 • RealNetworks will seek permission to sell its $30 DVD-ripping software, while bigger cases head to court.

Envive Adds TheaterStation Multi-Zone Media Management

By Tom LeBlanc · September 25, 2009 • Servers and clients should be safe from DRM issues; Envive plans iPhone interface.

Stream HBO Over Internet with FiOS, Windows 7

By Julie Jacobson · September 24, 2009 • Win 7 support for Copy Freely, coupled with Verizon FiOS's generous content protection scheme, enables Windows Media Center to stream premium content over the home network or the Internet

Hands On: Windows 7 With ‘Copy Freely’ Support

By Julie Jacobson · September 23, 2009 • In the past, you could not share CableCard content -- even non-protected content -- from a Windows Media Center PC; now you can (and skip commercials, too!)

Microsoft: Add Your Own CableCard, Switched Digital Video, Copy Freely, More

By Julie Jacobson · September 9, 2009 • Microsoft at CEDIA Expo 2009: Easy to add digital cable tuners (DCTs) to any Win 7 machine, fixes for switched digital video, and the ability to copy freely for tagged content

Executive: Escient Dropped Vision DVD Servers to Focus on HD

By Julie Jacobson · September 1, 2009 • D&M's Escient unit did not drop the movie server on DRM grounds; standard def is just so yesterday

Porn Studios Crack Down on South Korean File Sharing

By Julie Jacobson · August 17, 2009 • Some 10,000 individuals in South Korea are being sued by Japanese and U.S. studios for sharing content without authorization.

Understanding the Kaleidescape, RealDVD Cases

By Julie Jacobson · August 17, 2009 • What have the courts really decided on DVD copying, and what are the implications for the future? We debunk the myths about the the two lawsuits and clarify the current legal state of DVD ripping

Kaleidescape: ‘Systems Remain 100% Licensed, Legal’

By CE Pro Editors · August 14, 2009 • Kaleidescape points out that its servers "remain 100% licensed and legal." The high-end movie server manufacturer also says the next court proceedings "will likely take place in a year or two" or "they may never take place at all."

R-I-A-A to the Tune of YMCA

By Julie Jacobson · August 13, 2009 • You know that college student who had to fork over $675,000 for music he shared on Kazaa? Evidently, the artists get none of the money and it goes instead to the "industry" as represented by the RIAA. The ruling reminded me of a song that a few CE ladies performed at a CEA Summit in 2004. It goes like this:

Kaleidescape Loses DVD Ripping Appeal Against DVD CCA

By Steve Crowe · August 12, 2009 • Appeals court overturns a two-year-old ruling that allowed Kaleidescape to manufacture movie servers that copied and stored DVDs. This ruling comes one day after an injunction was imposed on RealNetworks' RealDVD software.

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