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Pro Musician Rick Beato Says Audiophiles May ‘Simply be Guessing’

By Robert Archer · March 6, 2018 • Professional music teacher, songwriter and producer Rick Beato says regardless of the file format, most people can't tell the difference between file types, and the best professionals rely upon their training and experience as they advance in age when they are mixing audio.

10 Scary Songs for a Rocking Halloween Playlist, Starting with Ozzy

By Robert Archer · October 26, 2017 • Forget the obvious Halloween classics like Monster Mash and Purple People Eaters. Dish up some scary metal rock for the Halloween season.

The Art of Music in Its Highest Form

By Advertorial · April 26, 2016 • Enjoy an audiophile music player without giving up the features and functionality that make it true whole-house entertainment.

Magico S1 Speaker Offers Luxury Sound for Low Price

By Robert Archer · July 19, 2013 • Magico's S1 freestanding loudspeaker, priced lower than the company's other products, is a compact, two-way product that employs the company's own drivers and crossover designs.

Sonus faber Salutes Andrea Palladio with Olympica Speakers

By Robert Archer · May 10, 2013 • Sonus faber has announced the Olympica line of speakers, and the Italian manufacturer says this new line of products will be rolled out in two phases. The initial release of the line features the launch of two three-way floorstanding speakers and a bookshelf product. Later this year the rest of the line will be announced.

Legacy Goliath XD Sub Pumps Out Monsterous Bass

By Robert Archer · May 6, 2013 • Legacy Audio has announced its Goliath XD Subwoofer, and according to the Springfield, Ill.-based company, the subwoofer will produce SPLs as high as 130dB.

Purist Audio to Introduce Vesta AC Power Cables

By Robert Archer · February 27, 2013 • The Texas-based company caters to the niche audiophile market and at the Axpona Audio Expo in Chicago Purist is set to launch several new products, including the Vesta power cable.

Music Hall’s Flagship MMF-11 Turntable Features a Quad Plinth That Isolates Noise

By Robert Archer · January 7, 2013 • The new top-of-the-line MMF-11 turntable from Music Hall utilizes a design concept in which a multiple layer construction plinth isolates the platter, tonearm, main bearing and other components from noise and users can select speeds from the table's single-button control.

Denon Updates Headphone Lines with Apple Friendly Features

By Robert Archer · January 3, 2013 • Denon has announced its 2013 product line and according to the diverse electronics manufacturer, the new products offer consumers a wider choice of headphones that deliver more value than its previous generation products.

B.M.C. Upgrades Arcadia Loudspeaker

By Robert Archer · October 23, 2012 • B.M.C Audio is a German-based audiophile speaker company that is distributed in the U.S. by Aaudio Imports. The company has recently announced that it is set to debut an upgraded version of its Arcadia floorstanding loudspeaker at the 2013 CES show in Las Vegas.

Audiophiles & the Masses Deserve the Best Quality

By Robert Archer · April 11, 2012 • Whether or not someone can hear the differences between 16/44 files and 24/192 files, audio hobbyists and music lovers still have the right to purchase the highest-quality audio files.

Audiofile Engineering Quiztones for Mac

By Robert Archer · December 15, 2011 • Audiophile Engineering's Quiztones learning app provides audio engineers and audiophiles an easy to use way to hone their listening skills, and now the Minneapolis-based company has released a version for Mac.

The Cabling Industry Needs a Makeover

By Robert Archer · July 18, 2011 • It's time for the cabling industry to reassess how it approaches marketing to consumers.