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Veteran Integrator Gives Aprilaire Kudos for Innovation

By Advertorial · October 11, 2017 • ETC’s Michael Cogbill uses the Aprilaire 8800 Series for its connectivity options, integration friendliness, and solid HVAC backbone.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ): A Top Homeowner Concern

By Advertorial · September 19, 2017 • Smart thermostats like Aprilaire’s line of Wi-Fi Automation Thermostats can address the growing demand to control pressing IAQ issues for your customers.

Aprilaire and Meritage Homes Team up for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Initiative

By Advertorial · May 9, 2017 • Meritage Homes to include Aprilaire IAQ products into newly built homes.

10 Reasons to Install Aprilaire Thermostats

By Advertorial · October 31, 2016 • DIY thermostats are all the rage, but those intended for pro installation offer you and your customers several advantages.

Customized Home Control System Designed for Physically Impaired Children

By Lisa Montgomery · October 20, 2016 • ELAN, Core Brands, Aprilaire and Centralite contribute to complete custom smart home design, renovation and installation for this family in need.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Isn’t Boring if it Means More Business! Learn How to Sell it

By CE Pro Editors · July 29, 2016 • Watch this FREE 1 hour CEPro webcast, originally live on August 17th and sponsored by Aprilaire, to learn how to increase business opportunities by offering complete climate control solutions to your customers.

Who’da Thunk? Indoor Air Quality as a Category is Actually Kind of Interesting

By Julie Jacobson · July 27, 2016 • It’s not exactly 4K or RGB lighting, but IAQ gives dealers something interesting to talk about: wrecked hardwood floors, asthma, mold, nose bleeds, home warranties … and profit.

New Sales Opportunity: Automate Your Customers’ HVAC and IAQ

By Advertorial · June 20, 2016 • The quality of the air impacts not only your customers’ comfort, but their health and their home’s wood flooring, fine finishes and electronics.

Wi-Fi Thermostats: Integration-Friendly Solution to Healthier Home Environment

By Advertorial · March 22, 2016 • From an indoor air quality standpoint, Wi-Fi thermostats like those from Aprilaire offer air purification, temperature, and humidity can all be managed from one app … or from a variety of third-party control systems.

The Day the Nest Thermostats Died: Response from Home Automation-Centric Manufacturers (Updated)

By Julie Jacobson · January 26, 2016 • Smart home glitches happen, but it's particularly uncomfortable when a thermostat fails in the middle of winter. Manufacturers specializing in HVAC control and home automation respond to Nest's recent challenge.(Julie Jacobson / CE Pro)

Julie Jacobson: 18 Home Automation and A/V Hits at CEDIA 2015

By Julie Jacobson · October 21, 2015 • CEDIA Expo 2015 reveals hundreds of new products, but here are just 18 we hope you saw in the home automation, audio, video and business management categories.

Control4 Intros Much Smarter Thermostat, Way Better Interface at ISE 2015

By Julie Jacobson · February 12, 2015 • At ISE 2015, Control4 shows new ZigBee-based thermostat that controls everything including humidity, plus OS 2.7 home automation interface that makes it simple to regulate the HVAC.

URC Adds Four Drivers to Total Control Home Automation; Sonos Coming Soon

By Julie Jacobson · December 16, 2014 • Two-way control modules for Lutron Caseta, Aprilaire thermostats, DSC security systems and Fusion Ovation music streamers added to URC driver library. Sonos is coming "very soon."