VIZIO Updates Smart TV Platform for Better Responsiveness

VIZIO is launching an update across all of its smart TVs that brings a faster power on, better responsiveness and improved search.

Dec 20, 2023

Wi-Fi 7: Are You Ready for What’s Coming Next?

The first Wi-Fi 7 routers are starting to hit the market, but just because they’re available today doesn't mean a full upgrade is in the cards just yet.

Nov 29, 2023

A Look at 11 of the Leading Wi-Fi 6 Routers on the Market for 2024

The current, approved networking industry standard is WiFi 6. This standard provides benefits of higher data rates, improved performance in high-traffic environments, and improved power efficiency.

Nov 23, 2023

FCC Opens 6GHz Band to More IoT Devices

The Federal Communications Commission opens the 6 GHz band to 'very lower power devices' operating alongside other Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Oct 20, 2023

Hisense U8K ULED 4K Mini LED TV 

Hisense is launching its new U8K series of Mini-LED TVs, which the company calls a step up from its recently released U6K series of mini-LED technology. According to Hisense, the U8K series features Quantum Dot technology, double the local dimming zo

Aug 04, 2023