Enclave Audio, Hisense Limited Bundle Now Available

Enclave Audio, manufacturer of wireless audio systems for home entertainment environments and Hisense, a provider of high-performance televisions and appliances, has announced a Hisense limited bundle offering that packages Hisense TVs and Encla

Jun 13, 2022

Products THX

V Series V10+, V12+ and V15+ Subwoofers

M&K Sound has announced its new V Series V10+, V12+ and V15+ small-footprint subwoofers. Designed to integrate into a range of home environments, M&K Sound points out the V12+ and V15+ models have earned THX certification. M&K Sound expla

Jan 20, 2022

21 of the Top Subwoofers for a Thumping Home Theater Sound System

Subwoofers from companies as diverse as Sonos and Klipsch, to Aerial Acoustics and K-array can deliver high levels of music and surround sound enjoyment.

Jun 17, 2021

Article KEFTHX

KEF THX-Certified Demonstration Cinema is Ideal for Dolby Atmos Presentations

David Kroll vice president KEF America & KEF global CI product manager explains the new KEF THX-certified Demonstration Cinema allows the company to showcase new products, and integrators to demonstrate immersive audio.

Jun 16, 2021

Article DolbyKEFTHX

KEF Music Lounge Theater System Achieves THX Certification

In order to achieve its THX certification, KEF's Demonstration Cinema had to meet a number of performance requirements.

Apr 26, 2021

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Onyx Headphone Digital to Analog Converter (DAC)/Amplifier

THX is known for its training and certification programs, and now through the launch of its Onyx Headphone Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC)/Headphone Amplifier, it has introduced its first branded product. The San Francisco-based company says the On

Apr 08, 2021